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Zorro chilla – Grey fox (Pseudalopex griseus)

Zorro chilla – Grey fox (Pseudalopex griseus)

Image by pabloneco
Parque Nacional Pan de Azúcar. III Región, Chile. Este es uno de los muchos zorros adictos a los turistas por su inescrupulosa generosidad.

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39 Responses to “Zorro chilla – Grey fox (Pseudalopex griseus)”

  1. Pieces and dreams says:

    great moment.
    The Nature Group

  2. Mozambique - Moments says:

    Wonderful capture..

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  3. Miss Twiga says:

    So cute! What a moment to capture wee man yawning!

    The Nature Group

  4. Markseventyseven says:

    Nice shot, he looks tiered.

  5. l e m u says:

    que buena foto!
    te pasaste!
    el momento preciso!
    y el todo modeloco jejeje!
    muchos saludos

  6. becada2799 says:

    me encanta estos Fox esta muy buena Bostezando

  7. Pat Ulrich says:

    really awesome composition and timing! great shot!

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  8. animtreebird says:

    Very beautiful animal. Nice photo.

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  9. R-Rated Birdman of Hell Paso says:

    Beautiful! Outstanding photo

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  10. Niall Corbet says:

    Me encanta – I have lots of photos of these wonderfully tame foxes – they appeared as soon as they smelt an apple that I had just started eating!

  11. Bud_Spencer says:

    preciosos los zorros…

    y pensar que acá en la zona central son aniquilados por los campesinos….

  12. desde chiloe says:

    Me dio sueño…. Preciosa la foto.

  13. islachiloe says:

    momento preciso, un zorrito con sueño.
    Buena captura

  14. Nan Di says:

    que lindo, preciosito!!

  15. Bystander> says:

    medio aburrido estará, en ese lugar tan desolado

  16. says:

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  17. Goldschleife says:

    Buena captura, very amazing scenery, so cute.

  18. ZOOIKENET says:

    Great shot!

  19. andersdenkend says:

    Haha, that’s sooo cute!

  20.  S_Marc says:

    Fantástica captura. Bonita composicion.

  21. 1/2-pint says:

    THis is such a wonderful photo!!! I saw it in Explore. GReat timing!!!!!!

  22. Pixton says:

    Good picture…yawning animals are funny for some reason.

  23. says:

    You’ve entered the ONE PHOTO pool!
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    increible captura , encuadre , enfoque.

  25. Shelley Kay says:


  26. Trabita says:

    Justo el momento preciso.

  27. rlphotography says:

    Fantastic! Good DOF, thirds & sure looks like a good yawn. Well captured & composed.

    Seen In Explore.

  28. alessandro fox says:

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  29. el buitre says:

    good morning!

  30. Elfagot says:

    that’s great!!!!

  31. Jordan Lye says:

    nice moment of capturing this

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  32. gornabanja says:

    great capture!

  33. caver_nicolas says:

    jajaja el zorro esta tan acostumbrado a pelarse la comida de los campistas que puro flojea!

    A mi una vez me robo una bolsa con unas galletas que tambien tenia un rollo!!! Fueron unas vaciones sin fotos :(

  34. camilojb says:

    la cago

  35. gastonCc says:

    Bueeena, super!!!!

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  36. garanger1403 says:

    Super cool!!!

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