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Zero-7 – Distractions (live @ Lowlands 2006)

Sia dedicated this song to Jessica (Feyth85), Erwin and Quartermass (That’s me, Eddy aka Raffy2006). The dedication wasn’t filmed but I’ve put the audiorecording infront of this clip. We weren’t there simply because we didn’t know we were invited but we had been at the Zero7 gig in the ‘Melkweg’ in Amsterdam on july 4th 2006. We had been also on the guestlist there and we met Sia just before and after the gig. We are regular posters on the Sia-boards ( where Sia herself also frequently posts and answers questions. So if you wanna speak to Sia, this is the way to do it.

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25 Responses to “Zero-7 – Distractions (live @ Lowlands 2006)”

  1. shawniebaby83 says:

    @EdEditz thanx a mil…gotta check her out!!!

  2. bludklit says:

    When is she going to come back to Australia for a tour, she is the one artist you can not miss..

  3. EdEditz says:

    @shawniebaby83 Sia just announced a new US tour. The ‘We Are Born Tour’. The dates are on her website siamusic . net

  4. theenigmajjames says:

    @shawniebaby83 She was living in NY for awhile but Im pretty sure she lives in Los Angeles now

  5. elladee says:

    Holy shyte, she’s just… she’s so… I’m speechless.

  6. EdEditz says:

    @paddycmj You should be able to get the email address of her manager if you go the the forum on her website siamusic . net and just ask if you can meet Sia after a specific concert. The manager will arange things and give you the email of the tour manager. That’s how I did it, but I had seen sia before so she kinda knows who I am. But she’s awesome with fans so persevere and it’ll work. Good luck! :)

  7. paddycmj says:

    @EdEditz Ya! How do you contact her tour manager? I live in Ireland and have never had the privilege of seeing her live but whenever shes in Europe next I’m soo there!!! If she ever comes again :-(

  8. Bebop61286 says:

    Who is the guy on the keyboard, with the smoke hanging out

  9. EdEditz says:

    @gd34n Hahaha I know man. Happened to me few times too :)

  10. gd34n says:

    @EdEditz ahhhhhh for fuck sakes… is not the first time this happens to me!!!!!

  11. EdEditz says:

    @gd34n Well, I’m sorry for you but she’s more into girls I do believe ;)

  12. gd34n says:

    i would marry her in a heartbeat…

  13. EdEditz says:

    @shawniebaby83 She lives in the states now so you must be able to go see her at some point. She just did a tour in Australia I believe so I’m guessing a tour in the states won’t be long. Good luck. I hope you get to see her.:)

  14. shawniebaby83 says:

    @EdEditz wow im supposed to be visiting London next year…hopefully I’ll get lucky. I think she was in NY once but that was a while ago. idk how often she frequent the states

  15. EdEditz says:

    @shawniebaby83 Sia is great live. And if you contact her tourmanager before you go the concert, there’s a big chance you can meet her.
    I saw her in Utrecht (NL) last may. She dedicated ‘Little Black Sandals’ to me.
    I filmed it too luckily: watch?v=q9WtiTGIIzg

  16. shawniebaby83 says:

    wow I know that was cool…I’d love to see her live

  17. EdEditz says:

    @shawniebaby83 I once hugged and kissed her :)
    Sia is awesome!!
    Eddy aka Raffy2006

  18. shawniebaby83 says:

    her voice and range is amazing…absolute beauty

  19. felipeospina86 says:

    i think i had an orgasm

  20. ogenmatic says:

    @Joviantt …perhaps you’re doing it wrong?

  21. lindaroque0 says:

    I saw her in Portugal but at the time she looks alive not like she looks in this concert! When i saw her she looks thinner, and less drunk.

  22. jeraphillips says:

    This song reminds me of when I wanted marry my husband. Her voice is amazing and so soulful. You can almost feel it and it send chills all over me.

  23. petesf2 says:

    @hachiman2012 It makes the hair on my neck stand up!

  24. bonoschouten says:

    @budreblu It’s the Lowlands symbol. You can easily get it on a shirt when you’re at the festival in Holland!

  25. jeustor says:

    Ohhh how very talented they are……ohhh what a beautiful voice she has….the lovely Sia…

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