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Yours, Mine and Ours

Yours, Mine and Ours

Based on a true story and co-starring Van Johnson and Tom Bosley, Yours, Mine And Ours keeps the laughs coming in a “clean, wholesome family comedy” (Life). This population explosion occurs when widowed Navy nurse Helen North (Ball) meets handsome N

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5 Responses to “Yours, Mine and Ours”

  1. James P. Hunt says:

    Review by James P. Hunt for Yours, Mine and Ours
    One can set up a debate between a Jesuit priest supporting the sanctity of life and the secularist dedicated to worldwide birth control, but perhaps the message of the beauty and mystery and wonder of family would be better delivered by this comedy than by a recitation of the catechism. Henry Fonda’s character is right: nothing new has been written since “Fanny Hill”. A reviewer wrote that she was disappointed at the children’s disrespect toward the adults. But I thought the children’s less than perfect behavior was essential to the film and the film’s message. Yeah, having children, be it three or eighteen, is a burden. There’s no guarantee they’ll be grateful for the sacrifices you make for them or that they’ll allow you to have any sort of life of your own. The children in the film are not angels. Few are. Indeed, I would argue they’re rather normal, with the scales leaning heavily toward good. They’re bratty, tender, difficult, warm, self-centered and giving. That’s the beauty of life and humanity and it’s more or less what Fonda tried to explain to Lucy’s oldest daughter when she questioned him about sex. “You tell him that this is what it’s all about.” Notice how the film places a certain amount of focus on Tim Matheson’s character. Early on, he spikes Lucy’s drink and then giggles as she humiliates herself. (Shades of the “Otter” character he would play ten years later.) But eventually he decides that she’s not so bad – at about the time, not coincidentally, that he’s becoming a man – then he accepts her and, being a natural leader like his father, persuades his siblings to elect her “our mother, for life”. That scene, indeed the whole film, would not have worked had the children been so unrealistically and quickly accepting of the stepmother. As it’s played and as it’s written, it comes off without the sense of being false or manipulative. Not an easy thing to do in film. Without meaning any disrespect, I feel a certain amount of pity for the reviewer that grew up in Germany and wrote that they considered families of four or more “trash”. (For the sake of Germany, I hope that’s not true.) To each his own, I suppose. But if you can’t appreciate this film and it’s celebration of life and humanity, I’m not sure what you can enjoy. I will say that people that come from large families almost always laugh more than people that do not. Still, I would not label “Yours, Mine and Hours” family values propaganda. Had that been the intention, there would not have been the classic drunk scene nor the part where a somewhat randy Fonda tells the parking valet, “Keep the motor running.” I don’t believe they were trying to do anything but tell a warm, funny story. They succeeded tremendously.

  2. L. Shirley says:

    Review by L. Shirley for Yours, Mine and Ours
    This review refers to “Yours, Mine and Ours”(1968), DVD(MGM) edition.

    The one thing I like about remakes(okay, there are a few good ones out there), is that they bring some renewed and well deserved attention to the original. Usually a classic. All of a sudden these oldies but goodies start appearing and are getting top billing at the video and discount stores. I understand that a remake with a more modern take will bring the story to a whole new(maybe even 2) generations, but this is Lucy Ball and Henry Fonda we are talking about, does it get any better?

    So I was so happy to see this 1968 classic family film on DVD, and at such a reasonable price. The picture is sharp, colors are good. If you are REALLY looking for them, you will see some signs of age, but basically a wonderful transfer of this nearly 40 year old film…but MGM!…”modified to fit my screen”?(pan and scan), why’d you have to go and do that for. Couldn’t we at least have the choice as to whether we would like to view it as the director and cinematographer wanted us to see it? So that’s my reason for 4 stars, maybe another edition will come out in the original screen format. And while I’m on a rant about this DVD, why aren’t there any subtitles or captions in English for those who may need them to enjoy this wonderful film. There are however subtitles in French and Spanish and may also be viewed in those languages as well. All in Dolby Digital, and although in Mono(including the English), the sound is very good. The only features is a Trailer. Wouldn’t it have been nice to gather the child actors together to talk about working with the great ones?

    The film is 5 stars in my book. It’s one that I love enough to buy this DVD(with all it’s faults), as I know that it will get viewed and enjoyed many times. For those that have never seen it(or the remake), it’s a charming, funny and poignant romantic comedy of a widow and widower(Ball and Fonda), who fall in love, marry and try to bring their kids together as one big happy family. And when I say big, I mean huge…between them they have 18 kids! The resentment the kids build up are very understandable, and all the child actors do a fabulous job of portraying their feelings.The courtship scenes will make you fall in love all over again.

    Lucy, who was not far from 60 years old when she made this film, is absolutely gorgeous. She has a scene in which she wears a short skirt and shows off her still beautiful legs. Her comic abilities as always are the best. Who can do drunk better then she(and maybe Dudley Moore). Fonda is charming, handsome and brilliant as the father, and Naval officer who tries to run his family as he runs his ship. The supporting cast are no slouches. Van Johnson and Tom Bosley add their wonderful talents as well. A couple of faces to look for among the 18 children, are Tim Matheson as the eldest Beardsley child, Mike(Henry’s group) and Tracey Nelson, just a toddler as Germaine Beardsley.

    A feel-good film that will keep you smiling throughout. One the entire family may enjoy together(especially big families),some fabulously funny dialogue, and a great look at the 60′s!

    Fonda: “…I’m glad I have 10 children”

    Lucy: “And I’m glad I have my 8″

    Fonda’s date, sitting between them: “And I’m glad I’m careful!”

    I’ll ALWAYS Love Lucy!… Enjoy…..Laurie

  3. Peter Kenney says:

    Review by Peter Kenney for Yours, Mine and Ours
    YOURS,MINE AND OURS is a wacky comedy about the struggles of a second marriage for both a widow and widower who together have a combined total of eighteen children. The new family struggles mightily to become a unified whole which is finally achieved with the arrival of a new baby to whom everbody is related. This film serves as a fine example of how two great actors can lift a basically good movie to unexpected heights with outstanding performances. Lucille Ball and Henry Fonda are certainly well cast. Among the many fine child actors Tim Matheson manages to stand out.The film’s credibility is enhanced by the fact that it is based on a true story. The real life heroine, Helen Beardsley, died three years ago in California at age 70 of Parkinson’s disease.

  4. Chandani says:

    Review by Chandani for Yours, Mine and Ours
    I have just added this movie to my list of favorite Lucy movies. Yours, Mine, and Ours is probably one of the funniest movies ever made by Lucille Ball. Lucy and Henry Fonda have such great chemistry onscreen. I laughed throughout the whole movie. Lucy’s drunk scene is pure classic-it’ll remind you of her ever-famous Vitameatavegemin scene. Lucy has not lost her touch at all-she never did. It’s always a delight to watch her make her hilarious magic happen, and this movie has plenty of magic. Imagine watching the Brady Bunch-times 10! Just think of all the side-splitting mishaps and pranks go along with it. Yours, Mine, and Ours is suitable for everyone-kids, teenagers, and adults. It’s that kind of sophisticated comedy that makes it enjoyable to any generation. This movie is a must-see for any Lucy fan!

  5. Herbie says:

    Review by Herbie for Yours, Mine and Ours
    I bought this DVD but returned it before opening when I discovered it was pan and scan. Can’t understand why it’s not available in widescreen–every time the movie runs on Turner Classic Movies (it was shown, again, in the last month or so), it IS in widescreen. I agree with L. Shirley’s January 26, 2006 review: This film needs to be available in widescreen DVD. Also agreeing with L. Shirley and other reviewers … it’s a wonderful film.

    I followed L. Shirley’s lead and gave only a 4-star rating, a reflection of the aforementioned unavailability in widescreen.

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