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Young and the Restless weddings montage

A brief montage of some memorable weddings on the soap opera Young and the Restless.

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25 Responses to “Young and the Restless weddings montage”

  1. disgusted8449 says:

    Anyone can convert this video to mp3 and download at

  2. jaylanie22 says:


  3. Shasha2 says:

    Phack wedding was the best !!

  4. lululemonlovely says:

    nikki and victor are the best couple on the show.

  5. janleejean says:

    i love the vows of Nikki and Victoria

  6. Plasvi says:

    I love the show, and I’m so happy that I live in Finland, where we have DOOL AND TYATR! :D

  7. jetgirl93 says:

    victors vows to nicki were beautiful i cried

  8. edzblondewife says:

    watching this clip of victor and nikki and then watching them now at each other’s throats is a real downer! hopefully they’ll get back together…

  9. PeytonSawyer06 says:

    I like this show =)

  10. Kendramyrck says:

    Soap Actors and actress are not bad actors and actress. However they are some of the best in the world of acting.

  11. shirahangel says:

    I’ve had Victor Newman and the gang in my life ever since i can remember. My mom would have it on while she did her house work. I love watching these old clips! Thanx!

  12. madhatter242 says:

    millions of people all over the world go to funerals and funerals SUCK

    on a level almost equal to that of bad acting in SOAPS

  13. SoapFreak says:

    No. YOU suck.

  14. lamaliepaard says:

    None of these people are even married anymore!
    That’s a soap opera for ya though

  15. aussieguy34 says:

    I guess that must be why millions of people all over the world watch them then.

  16. melrose1789 says:

    They all looked so happy. The wedding gowns were gorgeous!

  17. madhatter242 says:

    soap operas SUCK

  18. ventaxwax says:

    nikki looks so beautiful here she always looks like that but radiant in her wedding goan and gussied up :)

  19. ally447 says:

    ı want all dies my childhood passed with them damn ppl

  20. josatinho says:

    i watch the show when i was 16 now i am 23

  21. acura222002 says:

    Well alright!! Just keep watching!! It’s gets pretty interesting, if you haven’t seen what’s on YouTube already.

  22. aussieguy34 says:

    No, i’m not posting any of LML’s crap! I refuse to on principal, lol! in protest of what she’s done in ruining the great characters and YR!

  23. acura222002 says:

    Are you recording any of the episodes? If so please post!!

  24. dulceroxy says:

    I watch all episodes,!!!!! yes, deyre great!
    and im romanian, too

  25. Hasan12111 says:

    i want sharon and nick to be togehter

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