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Young and the Restless – Sharon Helps Nick Recover

While in the hospital and unable to shake his love for Sharon, Sharon stands by Nick and is there for him.

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25 Responses to “Young and the Restless – Sharon Helps Nick Recover”

  1. supergirl166 says:

    The last scene with Sharon and Nick is why I love SHick so much! “I would’ve showed you if the kids weren’t home!” So hot!

  2. atlantis45690 says:

    @Akva77 Lol get a life! I wrote this over TWO years ago. Wow. I don’t even watch that stupid show anymore for what the writers have done to her character. So I couldn’t care less what you think! Hahaha.

  3. Akva77 says:

    @atlantis45690 Sharon is a skanky ho 2 =) I am so happy he got his memory Back :D

  4. Akva77 says:

    Shick is sooo booooring

  5. IwantmyCookie67 says:

    i love nick and sharon.

  6. gigga143 says:

    i really wish the scene with Victoria hadn’t been cut out.

  7. GHfann says:

    He looks like Jesus here.

  8. bajangirl01 says:

    Phyllis, I really do like you but not with Nick, you and Jack are good together, but Sharon and Nick belong with each other.I felt a little bad for her since Nick didnt remeber her, but hnestly, Nick went with her to forget his actions that in some way contributed to Cassie’s death, and I still say that Summer is Jack’s, and Nick lied and used her as Cassie’s replacement.Jack KNOWS that Sharon loves Nick, why do TIIC keep trying to keep the 4 of them apart,let them ALL be happy with each other.

  9. atlantis45690 says:

    @453c Lol, she’s soooooo nasty, and I hate her even more since they tried to redeem her! GMAFB! Phyllis should have been in jail yearssss ago, back before Nick was even born! How stupid is this Phick storyline?!! I haven’t watched it in forever because I got sick of watching those two sucking face! Phyllis looks like a child molester!

  10. 1dbhsa says:

    When nuvictoria came in I thought nick was going to say “and who the hell are you?”

  11. 453c says:

    @atlantis45690 LOL!!!!

  12. 01clm21 says:

    Phyllis he’ll never really be your Nick again!! Get used to it!!!

  13. ocd4lane says:

    COME ON! Shick 4-Lyfe!!!!!

  14. jenklove says:

    really when will they reunit….

  15. AmyBLUF says:

    And 2 and 1.2 years later Phyllis and Nick are still together. Dammit.

  16. Richieygrl says:

    Thank you!

  17. 453c says:

    “Keep our love alive” by Michael Kisur

  18. 453c says:

    Sharon is so gorgeous!!! Everything about her is awesome. Like OMG what is Nick doing with Phyllis???

  19. truepureblue says:

    Lmao that tickles me.

  20. Richieygrl says:

    What is the song playing in the background while Nick and Sharon are talking?

  21. jossylMarie says:

    this is actually hilarious
    nicks reaction to phyllis..he’s like umm..i don’t give a shit about our daughter haha

  22. sexycatwomanclub says:

    I thought what Nick said to Sharon was very sexy, loving and romantic. He spoke of Sharon the way I wish he would NOW! I really enjoyed this scene between JM & SC, they have an unbeatable chemistry, and a timeless goregous fluidity about them giving them a “supercouple” essence that will always be there.

  23. Lady19B says:

    O my goodness when a man goes back and tell you how naturally beautiful you were without your makeup, remember every lil detail when he was in that moment and how he wanted to show U, Got DAM’IT thats some real L.O.V.E … Nicholas Newman Ruled on this scene.

  24. cherryjai says:

    I don’t care what anyone says JM does his best work with SC. SC is able to pull this vulnerability out of him that you really don’t see with any other actors. These are the only times I actually like Nick. This is Nick at his best, his true self.

  25. dcleblan2009 says:

    I so agree with you! I love Nick and Sharon! They make the ultimate couple. I do not like Phyillis at all. I do hope Sharon’s baby is Nick’s. So they can get back togeather. Where she belongs. And Phyillis can know how it feels to be left out in the cold like she did to Sharon.

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