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Young and the Restless opening credits .8

Opening credits for the Young and the Restless tv soap. (unique request)

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25 Responses to “Young and the Restless opening credits .8”

  1. nutballgazette says:

    @laurensneakysmile I think Sharon Case and Carrie Underwood look like they are sisters

  2. Ihateplayinggames says:

    @Prboi92 Thank you,… thats why it sounds so familiar.

  3. TheNightcloudHATER says:


  4. brwneyezx3 says:

    Joshua Morrow is so handsome, when his hair is short :)

  5. MrRaggaMuffin21 says:

    I’d hated Young and the Restless more than any TV show,
    But hearing this song again after 10 years…..Brings back so many memories.
    Not memories about the show, Just childhood days :(

  6. asfdsafwerwef says:

    they need to bring back the CLASSIC opening of the 90′s(the 1988-1999 style opening).

    this opening just SUCKS NOW!Half the cast isn’t even in the opening.when will MAB get a clue and update it????

  7. Messylin says:

    I wish they would bring back the characters turning around in the mist.

  8. MsNicochico says:

    My grandma watches this and days of our lives everyday in the summer I watch dool I like this theme better

  9. ttomdorrej says:


    “Dirty cunt-hole” by Barbara Streisand.

  10. ttomdorrej says:

    I used to smell my dad’s shitty underwears and jack off when this came on.

  11. kay77764 says:

    the best soap opera theme ever!!!

  12. rowin09 says:

    that shit go hard nigga

  13. jcrouzzo says:

    @Prboi92 actually no more drama sampled this song, this song is older than mary j blige, i think she was thinking about how much drama occurs on this show, and how it could interconnect with the message of her song.

  14. cheezymouseful says:

    ugh…just kill sharon off please. why did they have to get rid of cane? sharon, nick, adam…just get rid of them please…

  15. dbrooks12009 says:

    I guesse the woman in the black dress is a young Katherine. I like this opening. But what happened to Laura Lee Bell? Where did Daisey run off to? I’d like to see whats going to happen with that. Victor and Jack are about to go to war again soon. Maybe 2011 will be a better year for YR.


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  17. rrhev says:

    When will the opening credits be updated? When will Michael Muhney (Adam) be on it?

  18. martypower says:

    can someone at Y&R please update soon….lauralee was just taken outta the creditss cos she left about 7 years ago!!!+

  19. Kellybreton13 says:

    what’s the title of this song ??

  20. DrSurprise says:

    is it just me and that i’m crazy because I think some of the characters were left out?

  21. NedFreppelin says:

    @Prboi92 …that’s because there is no more originality. Everything is sampled, copied, or downright stolen these days….Ya…Uh…Ya…Uh. everything i see…Ya…Uh…is like a tootsie pop to me…Ya…Uh……nah………naaaaaah…

  22. Prboi92 says:

    @laurensneakysmile because everybody has a twin out there in this world. lol!

  23. Prboi92 says:

    Has anyone noticed that the beginning of this opening sounds exactly like the intro to Mary J Blige song “No More Drama”?

  24. Getrealpeeps says:


  25. Suicidekid6661 says:

    I love this show Adam is my favorite

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