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Young and The Restless Fight Tracey and Lauren

A classic fight from Young and The Restless.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Young and The Restless Fight Tracey and Lauren”

  1. IMVUbadgirls says:

    how stupid

  2. curlyfry44 says:

    WOW…I forgot about this….the girls should have won an Emmy for “Best Soap Fight”….man don’t screw with Traci….Lauren got her ass kicked….lol
    Did you guys see how Traci picked her up off the floor! Then tried to suffocate Lauren with the pillow…..Cheers to Traci!!!!

  3. lmbrao2g says:

    damn. Tracey beat dat azz.

  4. optimussentinel66 says:

    traci skinny wow

  5. passnum1 says:

    @1airotciv Beth Maitland!

  6. 1airotciv says:

    what is the real name of the character traci?

  7. sneezyize says:

    @brinpol That hospital has emergency on-call buttons for Lauren’s catfights. LOL!

  8. passnum1 says:

    @theshatnerman4242 June 1, 1994! :)

  9. theshatnerman4242 says:


  10. sdavis197 says:

    The thing about these two was, according to the storyline, Lauren was the mean girl to Tracy ever since teens, but tracy was no punk and stood up to Lauren, they didnt make up until brads death.

  11. neepl8 says:

    @drewsprotege really? tell me more!

  12. drewsprotege says:

    Lauren always fighting in the hospital…

  13. brinpol says:

    @vla815 This was 1994. So…early 90s hair ;)

  14. passnum1 says:

    @brinpol June 1, 1994! :)

  15. brinpol says:

    What year was this?

  16. brinpol says:

    @Messylin They probably break up a catfight once a week ;)

  17. Messylin says:

    Those are the same two orderlies who broke up Lauren’s fight with Sheila LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!

  18. yankeegal01 says:

    Love you can see the kneepads that Lauren had on….

  19. TheTzunami says:

    i’m afraid that those extras never got the chance to work again since lauren quitted fighting! LOL

  20. MercuryX says:

    @TheTzunami why was i wondering that just now when watching this? LOL!

  21. ericou812 says:

    lauren was hot!!!,i used to watch the show when danny n cricket were on the show

  22. 416mcp says:

    @shanebboy she always was pretty sweet. Lauren was nasty in those days.

  23. theero says:

    @TheTzunami glad i wasnt the only one who noticed lol

  24. TheTzunami says:

    the paramedics are the same ones who stopped lauren and sheila’s fights

  25. rabdude54 says:

    Is it just me or does Lauren look like Daisy in this video?

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