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Young and Restless intros montage

A collection of old Young and the Restless intro themes. To see these as individual clips, go here-

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25 Responses to “Young and Restless intros montage”

  1. Crystalom3 says:

    Hahaha these openings were so cheesy with the whole hair tossing thing. I love the young and the restless and like the openings now

  2. jaymes24felix says:

    Yup I just ripped this mp3 at for real.

  3. omfgmatty says:

    3:07 <3333 Tricia Cast!!!

  4. thelazycomic says:

    Too funny… and you may have a point about the old / heavy thing. I do still like the “sexy” intro song better though. Just my personal opinion… but the show, over-all is really tired.

  5. AndrewJamesYo says:

    @thelazycomic ya but the jazz one is also known as the “sexy” or “porno” intro lol. No offence to anyone but I think they’re all getting a bit old / heavy to do the sexy opening

  6. boldandthebeautiful says:

    Excellent, Joshua Morrow looks so young! The opening credits are so overdue for a revamp it’s not even funny

  7. soapoperafan4life says:

    @psydroped i start 2 cry a lil bit how sad,but i don’t want nobody 2 take over cause it won’t b the same so yep it should end

  8. mb52753 says:

    Where Is She Now Lynne Harbaugh Who Played Lisa Mansfield On The Young and the Restless . type this in to see lynne Harbaugh

  9. chihatsu says:

    @psydroped I swear, my mom has watched this religiously since she was a teenager. She is almost 50 now!

  10. valerioventura says:

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  11. imextrasaltyx says:

    oh ok , so i take it jennifer gareis did the same when she went from Y& R to B&B?

  12. asm4148 says:

    Adrienne Frantz and Elieen Davidson did something called cross-overs: they are on the bold and the beautiful as Amber Moore and Ashley Abbott. Heather Tom played Victoria Newman on the Young and the Restless, but she left the show and now another actress plays Victoria Newman. Now Heather Tom has a new role as Katie Logan.

  13. imextrasaltyx says:

    how comes adrienne frantz and eileen davidson are amber and ashley in Y&R and the bold and the beautfiul .but heather tom is victoria newman in this and katie logan in B&B ?

  14. thelazycomic says:

    I wish they’d bring back that cool Jazz intro they used for a very short while. It was really cool and was a great update for that tired, old intro song they were using. I know it’s the same song, but a really cool and snappy update. That old intro music is about as tired as the show is these days.

  15. toddnevinsable says:

    Love it :) Thank you !

  16. onthesetflickr says:

    To see a models of the Young and the Restless sets, Google “Young and Restless ontheset” and hit the I’m Feeling Lucky button.

  17. 10kenbank says:

    I very much doubt that. The show has been around for over 30 years and successfully written out all of the main character from the very beinginng of the show.

  18. VanilleFF says:

    today’s episode was so sad, that one lady’s mom passed it was sad

  19. VanilleFF says:

    @The90sRock1995 hehehe yeah i thought so thanks ^_^ i thought he looked familiar, had to be sure ^_^

  20. oobalavivida says:

    @sexykeishaxxx Wow, okay, I don’t watch Y&R but thanks for the info,,

  21. sexykeishaxxx says:

    @ConrailSD40 dey dont need to get back togetha cuz i dont feel like seein dem fuck erry episode!! if it was victor den dat wud be ok especial if he be wearin dat black leatha jack!! i wud be takin it off wid muh teef!! him an nicky dont eva fuck! he gunna end up like old footy an start molessin abby, lily, an all da otha yung gurls bress if she dont put out mo often! wen she was wid ugly paul dey was always doin it an he aint got shit on victor newman…hes a real g!!

  22. sexykeishaxxx says:

    @oobalavivida dat is sharon!! she is a ho juz so ya no!! she had been getin nick man juice an he had even get her pregnat wid his baby an dey use to fuck all da time like a bunch of sex manic! he wud cum home an she wud say da kids r at ya moms an nick shirt wud cum of imegiately an den dey wud do it! an den da next episode she wud say da kids r at a sleepova an his pants wud drop to da floor! dat bitch aint neva watchin her kids cuz she always wantin nicks cock an it aint even all dat! ya herd

  23. Sp1d3rWicK says:

    shit serial

  24. oobalavivida says:

    What is the name of the character that keeps her hands on her chest with long, blonde hair?

  25. 0line says:

    @VanilleFF Yes, he did. ;-)

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