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Young and Restless intros montage

A collection of old Young and the Restless intro themes. To see these as individual clips, go here-

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25 Responses to “Young and Restless intros montage”

  1. seagirl116 says:

    This is priceless to a real Yand R fan, like me.. It brings tears to this old lady’s eyes!

  2. MrRaggaMuffin21 says:

    I’d hated Young and the Restless more than any TV show,
    But hearing this song again after 10 years…..Brings back so many memories.
    Not memories about the show, Just childhood days :(

  3. MellyCupcakexx says:

    is this lil wayne?

  4. StarRimmedGlasses says:

    yum. 2:36 (:

  5. AdammBlackHeart says:


  6. mikaldblack says:

    0:58 I like this Remix!!! kindda suductive and galm

  7. LobOverTheBackhand says:

    Aw, Cassie! RIP!

  8. bender1011001 says:

    When I was a kid and I heard this music it made me feel depressed cause I knew the sitter or my mom was watching CRAP!!!!! Lol

  9. samuriguy909 says:

    when I think of this show, I think of Julius from everybody hates chris.

  10. EB88 says:

    @psydroped Everytime I walk into the room and my mom is watching this show I always say loudly THEY’RE STILL ALIVE?!


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  12. thekid1972 says:

    these were some of the best intros in the history of the young and restless

  13. IVANOFVOCHITO88 says:

    Salen en el 229 de Cable en el DF pero originalmente en inglés y sin CC

  14. AcaciaMorgan says:

    @psydroped The writers are good about gradually introducing new characters that will eventually become more prominent. When Victor, Kay, Jill, Nikki and all them die off, The next generation (Vicki, Nick, Billy, Lily, etc.) will be filly grown and will be the principals. Just like how they phased out the Fosters (except Jill) and the Brooks’.

  15. matt091282 says:

    Jess Walton was such a nice MILF/Cougar Mom character on that show. ;)

  16. PalmTreeMechanism says:

    Victor looked like he was ice skating.

  17. 1951kati says:

    Hol lehet filmet meg tekinteni?Ha valaki tudja,megköszönöm.

  18. Crystalom3 says:

    Hahaha these openings were so cheesy with the whole hair tossing thing. I love the young and the restless and like the openings now

  19. omfgmatty says:

    3:07 <3333 Tricia Cast!!!

  20. thelazycomic says:

    Too funny… and you may have a point about the old / heavy thing. I do still like the “sexy” intro song better though. Just my personal opinion… but the show, over-all is really tired.

  21. AndrewJamesYo says:

    @thelazycomic ya but the jazz one is also known as the “sexy” or “porno” intro lol. No offence to anyone but I think they’re all getting a bit old / heavy to do the sexy opening

  22. boldandthebeautiful says:

    Excellent, Joshua Morrow looks so young! The opening credits are so overdue for a revamp it’s not even funny

  23. soapoperafan4life says:

    @psydroped i start 2 cry a lil bit how sad,but i don’t want nobody 2 take over cause it won’t b the same so yep it should end

  24. mb52753 says:

    Where Is She Now Lynne Harbaugh Who Played Lisa Mansfield On The Young and the Restless . type this in to see lynne Harbaugh

  25. chihatsu says:

    @psydroped I swear, my mom has watched this religiously since she was a teenager. She is almost 50 now!

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