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You Bet Your Life with Marcia Brody (Part 2)

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25 Responses to “You Bet Your Life with Marcia Brody (Part 2)”

  1. netwacker says:

    It was a bonus to see the great, great jazz pianist, Monty Alexander, in this context. He’s as brilliant on the bandstand as he is charming here.

  2. tuxguys says:

    Watched parts I and II, and this would make my top 10 list of the loosest moments on TV, ever.
    Cosby is a genius, the lady is great, and the other guy is a great responder.
    I knew Groucho’s show had been re-done once, with Buddy Hackett, I had no idea Cos had also re-done it. If it was all this good, can’t imagine why it didn’t hit.

  3. SweetWhiskerz says:

    best line-’You have to say it in English’ LMMFAO

  4. looloorex says:

    lmao…she has no idea!!!

  5. beornmatt says:


  6. Seichie7 says:

    What is the Jamacian language? French?

  7. venniey says:

    @Sing4aLifetime09 Ignorance CAN be bliss.

  8. MrBiggSmoove says:

    ‘Im nuh look like ‘im come from Jamaica yuh know….’im is mi

  9. jckchrstphr says:

    Recorded in the early 90s. Like 90′, 91′ or 92′.

  10. Sing4aLifetime09 says:

    @ccmfornow It’s called ignorance, hon!

  11. Sing4aLifetime09 says:

    @ccmfornow It’s called ignorance, hon!

  12. TheBlutus says:

    she is sweat and pleasant knows how to hold her own you just have to love her

  13. MaereMaid says:

    She caught Bill off guard a few times.

  14. MyREDTAIL says:

    @gr8fuldeadhead1979 WHAT A FUNNY GUY BILL IS

  15. asatpapa says:

    This lady is absolutely priceless, I am saving this video.

  16. BosnianWarrior15 says:

    when was this recorded??

  17. thaifighter7693 says:

    wow hahahahaha!! ” North is 90 miles southeast od Duewest haha:) i’m almost ashamed to say i live in south carolina. and by the way i don’t know anyone who talks like this lady does. This is a terrible accent!

  18. OnnenRyu says:

    that’s actually ah good question, why would you sleep in ah bed with ah hole in it?

  19. wafartamo says:

    @bongdaza He was a law enforcement official, no matter what bureau or division, from CIA, to MPs, all the way down to the village constable, they’re still cops!

  20. bongdaza says:

    funny! but.. the question is not correct. Eliott Ness was not a cop.. He was an Agent of The Treasury Dept!

  21. ginger4bailey says:

    Outrageous. She’s stupid.

  22. adm2127 says:

    Why can’t we still do this today. Did you guys see the audience and the mix of people. Plus Bill is willing to cut up with one of his own. You cannot get better than this. What happened to our Country and our relationships with each other…Got PC?

  23. tvfilm says:

    “You got the cab running?” LOL

  24. gr8fuldeadhead1979 says:

    @ccmfornow Loved her as well! Bill Cosby, is such an icon comic! He has cracked me up since childhood!

  25. roxmysox1096 says:

    thank you for postin this mr james you are quite amazingg! hahaa

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