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Yogi Bear Song [Funny]


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25 Responses to “Yogi Bear Song [Funny]”

  1. anon6952 says:

    Cindy likes it upside – down – Koala

  2. jabawayne says:

    15 people missed the like button

  3. doggiesruby74 says:

    the boys and i sing this song after games

  4. DragonFlame951 says:


  5. rikki14ton says:


  6. wi1dwe5t says:

    Excellent ;) x

  7. iceabod says:

    the camp town racers sing there song do dahh do dahh…

  8. HookahStudios says:

    14 gay people,

  9. HelenScoolio says:

    totally rude

  10. c0dlington says:

    LOL my brother played this at his wedding :’] my nan killed him.

  11. HollyElizabeth1993 says:

    gangbang! gangbang! :L

  12. egkg75 says:


  13. Viioj says:

    It’s the tune to “Camptown Races”

  14. Mehhgg says:

    LOL LOL LOL 100000000000000000000 stars! :L

  15. wildeintenerife says:

    i recorded this song 12 years ago and the tune is the camptown races and the lyrics are from an old rugby song but i am glad you all like it

  16. XrrhhiiaannX says:

    this is an amazingg songg peoplee ;)

  17. 007eurocent says:

    Hello viewers.
    I’ve got already more than 75000, thank you all!
    But i want more!
    I want that you send this video to all your buddies :)
    We can heal before july more than 100000 viewers

  18. SteffZWoWProductions says:

    You can’t hate this :) )

  19. mickie651 says:

    so funny

  20. lukahuntes says:

    i know an other one thats better

  21. ryanman96aim says:

    lol i love dis song bobo showed up wit his friends he’s an gangbang bear lol

  22. 18McCormack says:

    heyah mee

  23. 18McCormack says:

    shes a grizly bear!! shes a grizly bear !!

  24. MrBirchie619 says:

    pics am shit

  25. 301LEE says:

    where can i download this song from any1 know???

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