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Yogi Bear- Episode 1

First episode of Yogi Bear. Copyright of Warner Bros, All rights reserved. “The Yogi Bear Show” (1961)TV series 1961-1988 ——————————————————————————– Overview IMDB Rating- 7.1/10 228 votes My Rating- 9.0/10 Directors:Joseph Barbera William Hanna Writers:Tony Benedict (writer) Warren Foster (writer) Release Date:30 January 1961 (USA) Genre:Animation | Family | Comedy Cast: Daws Butler … Additional Voices / … (1 episode, 1961) Don Messick … Boo Boo Bear / … (1 episode, 1961) Series Directed by Joseph Barbera (unknown episodes) William Hanna (unknown episodes) Series Writing credits Tony Benedict (unknown episodes) Warren Foster (unknown episodes) Dan Gordon (unknown episodes) Michael Maltese (unknown episodes) Charles Shows (unknown episodes) Series Original Music by Hoyt S. Curtin (unknown episodes) Will Schaefer (unknown episodes) Series Production Management Howard Hanson …. production supervisor (unknown episodes) Series Animation Department Robert Bentley …. animator (unknown episodes) Richard Bickenbach …. layout artist (unknown episodes) Bob Carr …. animator (unknown episodes) Jack Carr …. animator (unknown episodes) Brad Case …. animator (unknown episodes) Walt Clinton …. layout artist (unknown episodes) Arthur Davis …. animator (unknown episodes) Ed DeMattia …. animator (unknown episodes) Phil Duncan …. animator (unknown episodes) Robert Gentle …. background artist (unknown episodes
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Yogi Bear- Episode 1”

  1. shadowyoshigamernerd says:

    @choclate151 oh, sure. because today’s cartoons are so much better. riiiiiiiiight…>_>

  2. choclate151 says:

    this is so stupid and weird.

  3. Xtos1989 says:

    The animation is better than any crappy kids tv today.

  4. lorenzo89theking says:

    now jelly is a giant mall!

  5. doggbrown1 says:

    @EmporerAaron i can….if you jack me off ;) .. i have some special jelly…more special than that of jellystone national park bwahahahha

  6. EmporerAaron says:

    can u upload more of them

  7. KelvTwelve says:

    It scares me that Justin Timberlake can do that good of a Boo Boo imitation.

  8. MrDariolett says:

    If you ask me some people just don’t get it. Justin Dunkllane will be forgotten and Booboo will be remember for ever.

  9. iloveyorkies says:

    5 people don’t have a childhood :)

  10. nocliffjumping says:

    0:41 lol for same cars over and over again

  11. uncorked97 says:

    Hey Boo Boo lets go get us some pickanick baskets ahehe. Love these old cartoons!! I used to do a pretty good impersonation of Yogi and Boo Boo!

  12. shawn2007g says:

    perkele hunters

  13. mattjnor98 says:

    If you ask me, the live action Yogi Bear movie is a bad idea. The only good think about it is that Justin Timberlake is in it.

  14. GJNCA says:

    Thanks for sharing this bit of cartoon history!!! Love that Yogi!

  15. GJNCA says:

    You can see how different Mr. Ranger Sir was in the first episode— he evolved to be a more lean character later on.

  16. sleepyasthesouth says:

    every show I remember from childhood is so different as an adult.

  17. RyouuichiKun15 says:

    It’s funny cause bears don’t behave like that in real life.

  18. Pieguy26136 says:

    I dont like the look of the new movie… Im not looking forward to it sadly.

  19. MarioZone69 says:


  20. forrdunb says:

    Love the old cartoons

  21. smashmonkeyEXTREME says:


  22. RCA76 says:

    Wow, I never realized how violent these old cartoons were! LOL!

  23. magickal87 says:

    yes guys this christmas there will be a yogi bear movie and there also will be a smurf movie i cant tell you guys when the smurf movie will come out because i dont know much bout the smurfs only that papa smurf and the two that are always with him are running away from the bad dude and they fall through a portal and end up in nyc sounds like enchanted as for yogi the bears team up with the park ranger to save the park from closing down and stop the evil mayor

  24. 1232supeMAN says:

    ask me for the link its to funny

  25. 1232supeMAN says:

    hetheres a yogi bear movie coming out this christmas in 3d dan aykroyd plays yogi and justin timberlake plays boo if you like yogi this movie is for you i bet anymoney its going to sell out like crazy. heres the link

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