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Yes Prime Minister – S02E07 – The National Education Service – Part 1

When the Department of Education and Science stands in the way of reform, Hacker decides to abolish it

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19 Responses to “Yes Prime Minister – S02E07 – The National Education Service – Part 1”

  1. TheCardolan says:

    @jradetzky isn’t he the only one still alive these days?

  2. krutharthbhatt says:

    one of the best shows ever.

  3. jradetzky says:

    @StanleyDonwood indeed. He’s the youngest of the trio, but he looks the oldest

  4. StanleyDonwood says:

    Aww Bernard looks old…

  5. jacksawild says:

    @EnlightenedMonk Also, it counts the number of times the page loads and not necessarily how many times the video was watched.

  6. tikkenleed says:

    Dear EnlightenedMonk,
    First, let me thank you for putting this serie on youtube. I love this serie. I just got a question. I can now only find “Yes, Prime Minister”. Are you also going to put “Yes, Minister” on youtube?

  7. Lensei says:

    Humphrey’s “centralising” recommendation recently came into effect in Australia. It’ll be interesting to see what his angle is in the next video.

  8. BlitzingPastizzi says:

    “If he can’t ignore facts, then he’s got no business being a politician”.


  9. TheYou0Tuber says:

    @EnlightenedMonk Nice logic and makes perfect sense… except that no one dislikes this series. :)

  10. mlovecraftr says:

    This, the episodes of Outnumbered and Charlieisocoollike are the greatest contribuitions of Britain to YouTube

  11. stoprainingonme says:

    Deborah Norton as Dorothy is good.

  12. BloodyMarverous says:

    @EnlightenedMonk Logically speaking Humphrey Appleby is a sex god and likeminded people like me frequently view the third video to have a nice wank over his distinguished face.

  13. azrael0death says:

    responsibility without power, the prerogative of the eunuch throughout the ages

  14. armidas200 says:

    @EnlightenedMonk dude you remind of Sir Humphrey with this comment!!:))

  15. mushmouth4life says:

    ROFL . . . blokes . . .

  16. StijnX says:

    or there were particular parts they wanted to resee or even that they had closed their browser with part 3 in the history and when they reopened it they increased the hitcount

  17. semretmu says:

    i love this show……. thx EnlightenedMonk

  18. EnlightenedMonk says:

    Well, logically speaking, some blokes might have seen the first part and decided they didn’t like it. Some other blokes might have seen only the first and third parts thinking they’d get the gist of what happened in the episode. Yet others (fewer) might have seen all three in sequence. So, logically you have a larger number of views for parts 1 & 3 and comparatively fewer for part 2…

  19. deanckenny says:

    how can part 1 have 5107 views when part 2 and 3 have 4205 and 4513 views respectivly

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