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Xin Wuku American Gladiator

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25 Responses to “Xin Wuku American Gladiator”

  1. jinheff says:

    this is the most heterosexual thing ive ever seen

  2. severuxtrololo says:

    lol when the black guy saw xin, he was like “FUCK hes asian. shit just got serious up in this bitch”

  3. ILoveMusicLoud says:

    lol the guy in blue was like HOLY SHIT HES ASIAN

  4. Margalus89 says:

    @aznmorefun what is urban ninja dude?

  5. 456hawkins says:

    When is this on?

  6. lgadwords says:

    Great job Xin… represent! I hope he’s the next Asian superstar.

  7. brendanhawk11 says:

    @seriforeva yes

  8. XxUKxAsianboyxX says:

    xin makes the other guys entrance look bollocks.

  9. seriforeva says:

    Rocket used to be a contender too, right?

  10. awesomefuujutsushi says:

    @aznmorefun yes, he is

  11. EdVaN1234 says:

    1:03 you must be fast to out run the rocket!!

  12. davidutu1 says:

    Hes real name is xin X-I-N XINNNN not zen

  13. kmealm2s says:

    you guys seriously, you think they had him on the show and DIDN’T know how to spell his name the correct way? you know, the guy they write out a check too? they spelled it that way on purpose, zen is his stage name.

  14. CODMASTER917 says:

    they said zen

  15. Magic4Fun1 says:

    @aznmorefun yes

  16. lilbuddy106 says:

    how didi u find this episode??? i watch this show and ive never seen this before. awesome!

  17. Yotashi says:

    Everyone and their mama knows they spelled his name wrong…but the main problem with this episode is they didn’t pan his awesome hair cut!!!

  18. superwindex says:

    they spelt his name wrong one the show lol

  19. MasterFungy says:

    xin shoulda been goku in the dragonball evolution crap

  20. hispaniccheese says:

    you know your screwed when your american gladiator is not from america , and happens to black flip his way towards you

  21. Dreadedaries says:

    that aint a black thing llol, i would fail hard at it too xD

  22. Dreadedaries says:

    @hwaycasie30728 hyeah….. maybe they shoulda took him for the live action movie instead of justin chapman….. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  23. wubs23 says:

    Hulk is so funny. in this hogan knows best he is very timid and looks like a worried, caring father..

    and then he hosts something as this, and you totally buy his whole hulk thing. he is amazing xD

  24. ninjaboys397 says:

    be a gewd goku haha

  25. copperbed100 says:

    @DeathHunterization i am from singapore too!

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