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X Files Theme Tune

The Theme Tune Of the program x files

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25 Responses to “X Files Theme Tune”

  1. 121Swaleskid says:

    @Mewtwo465 get out of my pub! >:O

  2. hazardous1990 says:

    The truth is out there

  3. jaketadeo says:

    @Oziedog thnks

  4. Mewtwo465 says:

    THANK YOU. I can’t stand all this “I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of Here!”, “Eastenders” and “Coronation Street” crap! Well The X Files still shows on UTV I think.

  5. CENTENNARIO says:

    @goodkarma33 what kind of fukkin drugs are you on?

  6. maurin says:


  7. maurin says:

    SCULLY!!!! (in monotone voice)

  8. goodkarma33 says:

    I remember the first crash site I witnessed in 1654. I approached on horseback, but the damn thing refused to go within 100 feet of the debris. After dismounting, I found eight poor souls scattered about, with one still alive. I’ll never forget the last words it spoke to me. “behold the prophet Mulder” & then a “shelzbot, nanu nanu”.

  9. AvaterPrinceZuko says:

    so this is what i keep hearing on every paranormal video.

  10. nazgs says:

    109 aliens.
    seriously though. why would anyone dislike this? ): this is only the most epic theme ever.

  11. simonm1991 says:

    Good memories of when TV was good

  12. BottlesAndKazooie says:

    @dmanator111 go fuck yourself with a medal

  13. Oziedog says:

    @jaketadeo good try, but that was horrible lol

  14. dmanator111 says:


    Be proud of your ignorance and wear it like a medal.

  15. jaketadeo says:

    109 people possible aliens and 5890 could be the killer of the aliens right?

  16. jaketadeo says:

    109 people dont play gta san andreas

  17. blackflame100 says:

    If I ever see a UFO I want this song to be playing inside the flying saucer, LOL

  18. WolvesofWarcentral says:


  19. BottlesAndKazooie says:

    @Domiluk25 why does every single 10, 11, or 12 year old fucking post “i’m 12 and i bla bla bla bla” no one gives a fuck how old u are

  20. goodkarma33 says:

    After watching this I noticed my watch to be nine minutes slow! I can’t account for nine minutes! I must have been abducted! I will check the back of my neck for any implants, then take out a million dollar life insurance policy just in case I get what thay gave Scully. On the other hand, it could just be calcium deposits on my K9′s that make them look 3″ longer.

  21. Allie7372 says:

    love the theme song its creepy

  22. Slushy60 says:

    Hell I’m 18 as well and this tune brings back memories and gives me goose bumps.

  23. Domiluk25 says:

    @bluesman332 I’m 12 and I love this theme

  24. tubino83 says:

    wonderful theme and wonderful series….I bought the entire collection of dvd!

  25. bluesman332 says:

    @Dixiegirl32492 same here….also 18…. its creepy as !

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