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X Files Theme Tune

The Theme Tune Of the program x files
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25 Responses to “X Files Theme Tune”

  1. KingOfDarkBunnies says:

    @awesomechild78 I still am

  2. XxKCheezyxX says:

    still creeps me out tho haha

  3. firemario10 says:



    scully and mulder forever

  5. BZAproductionsHalo3 says:

    @Partypunkarn me to

  6. Erectoralporicy says:


    They’re just people… Who don’t want to believe

  7. kenneth2051 says:

    i like this its spooky and weird, my 2 favorite things(:

  8. marcz4100 says:

    Every time im in darkness and near a window, ive got this feeling that im being watched, thats why ill never, ever sleep again and ill keep a better watch out for UFO’s

  9. fallenyh says:

    Favorite theme song

  10. SatanicalEve says:

    @lollipopfighterr Whether there is intelligent life close enough that has ever visited this planet is up for debate but with how vast the Universe is as a whole there is intelligent life out there. Somewhere possibly thinking the same exact thing that me and you are thinking. We are definitely not alone

  11. Partypunkarn says:

    i piss my pants whenever i hear this!!!

  12. TheALMAXTER says:

    @JordanBeee1 really are 134 aliens

  13. AsboJunior says:

    134 no peoples liked this

  14. AsboJunior says:

    gta sa myth tune

  15. MistaPimpa says:

    I love to listen to this song when I’m reading about creepy stuff, like UFO sightings, Crypto animals, mysterious disappearances, unexplainable happenings. But I get extremely scared and paranoid when I do so =(

  16. acelee12 says:

    @smile21277 fucking spamming, faggot ass 12 year old. go fucking copy paste on some other video.

  17. JordanBeee1 says:

    Aliens dont try to invade planet earth. They tried to invade planet Chuck Norris. He played this song and it scared them away. They looked it up on youtube and 134 of them disliked it….

  18. thepersonwhostalksyo says:

    @Shofrah lol!!!!!

  19. thepersonwhostalksyo says:

    @asdkotable lol it kinda creeps me out

  20. GLAD0Sisaspy says:

    @asdkotable Ditto man

  21. asdkotable says:

    This theme used to creep me out when I was small. O.O

  22. PhilipM0nroe says:

    [comment removed by aliens]

  23. RosalinaLover9 says:


  24. RaegVashin says:

    @firemario10 Oh no, that’s silly. You only need to be afraid of the Slender Man. Just search for pictures on Google while this is playing in the background. Or watch the documentary here on YT. You won’t sleep for the next week, though.

  25. Shofrah says:

    The whistle in the background is Chuck Noris’s

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