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X-files, opening (original)

This is the X-Files opening song and video. I truly could not uncover the original here at Youtube… Soo, get pleasure from this, X-files-lovers! ♥
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “X-files, opening (original)”

  1. chelseannalove says:

    @timojattu pretty much :) did it for my sis . and it worked on one of the vids . she loved it !

  2. timojattu says:

    @chelseannalove So.. you go on every x-files video posting this story so you’ll get thumbs up`?

  3. GoreDepeche says:

    At the time i was like “yer, this is the shit!” now im like “hahah what a funny intro”

  4. Theblackspy12 says:

    0:13 holy fucking balls!

  5. chelseannalove says:

    Tomorrow, my sister turns 22. She is the intelligent and beautiful woman I inspire to be. We’re totally inseprible. She’s everything to me. She’s more than a sister. She’s my best friend. The reason why I posted this on the X-Files video is because we LOVE this show. It’s like bonding for us! I would really love lots of thumbs up so tomorrow on her birthday, I can show her this comment under the theme song of our favorite show. Please thumbs this up, it’s a cheap birthday gift! ;)
    Love you Jess!

  6. AlphaKrizz says:

    @RosidaI Thanks.

  7. RosidaI says:

    @AlphaKrizz Mark Snow made it! :)

  8. AlphaKrizz says:

    Love the music, Who made it?

  9. dragonball721 says:

    Man they shld play this on TV again.. FORGET THE FRINGE AND CSI. X-FILES PWNES ALL

  10. usagi11bunny says:


  11. mashalam says:

    X-files=Alien … still remember whn my mom watch X-files she’ll turn loud the volume for the song and well,all her kids me,my brother n sister will run to her n cry!!! coz we scare of alien!!!

  12. BehindTheMaskz says:

    @WestcoastMusicals That´s a good episode.

  13. WestcoastMusicals says:

    @BehindTheMaskz Christmas Carol is my favorite episode

  14. SuperGman213 says:

    Yay WTF why im watching this?!

  15. BehindTheMaskz says:

    I recently re-watched the entire series on dvd. And man, i cant get enough of it. So ppl tell me, which episodes are your favorites?

  16. xNinjaBunnyx says:

    I remember staying up and watching this show and just being amazed growing up…So mysterious, But New…

  17. TKSiate says:

    @Harleyquinn191 the opening was a nightmare aye. shit i thought i was the only one :D

  18. prah2009 says:

    Yay Swedish subtitles :D

  19. Juttyrs says:

    For people who want to watch X-Files again, it’s on Netflix (u need a Netflix account)

  20. Harleyquinn191 says:

    that face at the beginning.
    god that scared me when i was a kid…

  21. Makaveli175 says:

    0:23 Government Denies Knowledge

  22. SamurottNetwork says:

    imagine sitting in the couch just chilin and its like 2 in the morning then u here a large crash outside an d its like a ufo get closer and theres like fire then u spot a large grey with a large head big almond like eyes pale skin and its voice sounds like meeeere 3 long skinny fingers scary

  23. smilly456 says:

    sents a chill down my spine every time

  24. XxsweetslytherinX17x says:

    I miss this show :(

  25. chocolinomedolino says:

    best part 0:03 – 0:07sec

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