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X-Files: I want to believe

THIRTY-seven thousand years ago, a deadly secret was buried in a cave in Texas. Now the secret has been unleashed. And its discovery may mean the end of all humanity.

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25 Responses to “X-Files: I want to believe”

  1. TheSilesiaPL says:

    Dlaczego w Polsce nie mogliśmy zobaczyć ostatniej serii serialu?!Pamiętam,gdy wszyscy wielbiciele czekali na to kiedy wreszcie się do siebie zbliżą:)Ile było z tym emocji związanych!Przepiękne wspomnienia ze szkolnych lat.Zawsze z niecierpliwością czekałam wraz z mamą i starszym bratem na każdy odcinek.Najbardziej podobały mi się odcinki o spiskach rządowych.Kto wie ile w tym prawdy?Mimo wszystko więcej uczuć!:)

  2. repzard99 says:

    description is talking bout the wrong xfiles movies

  3. Mr2018TV says:

    did they ever come to an end cause after 2008 films it still not over

  4. zagreus316 says:

    Also, people say that the X Files wasn’t just about Aliens, but was about vampires, monsters etc, I agree but this movie had nothing like that in it either

  5. zagreus316 says:

    This movie was just awful, there was hardly anything paranormal in it, it had a Psychic but clearly didn’t have enough plot for a full 90 min, there have been Pyschic stories in the past which were more interesting than this (see Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose) halfway through watching it I thought ‘is this The X Files, I must have gone to see the wrong movie’ :)

  6. johnclever1 says:

    @alieninvestigator You know.. actually the whole series talk about the colonization, an event that would happen in 2012…

  7. DrNotEmpathetic says:

    @BlestTheJediThug Do you mean fridge? Like a refrigerator? If so, then you better check to see if yours is running. Oh!

  8. googley3 says:

    if theyre going to make a third movie (which there is rumor of), they should def make it about aliens. i know that was only like 50% of the show, but this movie seemed basically like a really drawn-out episode.  i hope they make one about the final colonization :D

  9. googley3 says:


    noooo not doggett!! he was good but he’s just a reminder of the demise of the show

  10. DSALAMM3 says:

    @NewVegasAssassin haha i loved x cops its still my fav episode :)

  11. Itachi21x says:

    lol you’ve to be kidding me
    fringe is just a copy of xiles

  12. BlestTheJediThug says:

    is x files better or fringe??

  13. BehindTheMaskz says:

    Ok, so I´m a big fan of the x-files since many years back. But this movie was terrible. The only reason why i didn´t totally hate it was that we got to see Mulder and Scully back together and as a couple. I also like that Skinner was in the movie because that reminded me of the good old days. Other than that, i was very disapointed. We all crave a third movie with the characters and actors we´ve seen on the show. Plz bring Robert Patrick back as John Doggett.

  14. Arxidianomeas says:

    while I loved the series,I didn’t liked the movie that much.

  15. lordreetveter007 says:


  16. 2Durr says:

    And did you believe?? me not it was shit
    my shit looks more alien

  17. nckanagno says:

    0:34 yeah..!!

  18. viguierj says:

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  19. TruthTeller878 says:

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  20. 666cl53 says:

    The worst movie disappointment I’ve ever witnessed! What the HELL have they done to “The X-Files”?! Somebody’s head should roll for this! Awful, awful movie!

  21. rock127388 says:

    I love them I believe

  22. sallyannejordan says:

    Why is this a video for I Want to Believe and yet the description is from Fight the Future?

  23. michaelforthriller says:

    @47Indigo47 Yes. it came out in 2008 . 3 years ago.

  24. arkivXfiles says:

    If you like the X-files you should really check out my X-files videos on my channel! They are really sad… :’(

  25. rama6maiden says:


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