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Worst TV Show Ever.

Worst TV Show Ever.

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9 Responses to “Worst TV Show Ever.”

  1. sita puddin pie says:

    myspace is doing TV?? desperate times…

  2. Cwluc says:

    please stop this… this is going to be awful.

  3. Lindsey Green says:

    until just seeing this I had completely forgot Myspace existed. like…completely.

  4. Soraya Darabi says:

    Lindsey nailed it.

  5.™ says:

    This must be Rupert Murdoch’s stupid idea.

  6. platymoose says:

    Hm. Let’s go with the alliteration theme. If they’re married on Myspace, they’re f???ed on Facebook, right? Or Flickr.

  7.™ says:

    Married until she finds out he’s cheating by looking at his Foursquare check-ins. "Player Please!"

  8. thincvox says:

    holy crap, it’s already made it to season 2 (ie this isn’t new)

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