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Worst Household Feud Contestant ever

Undoubtedly the worst contestants on Household Feud ever. Guy hears answers and nonetheless failed to say it…. hilarious Searching for far more cool stuff? Visit our weblog at
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25 Responses to “Worst Household Feud Contestant ever”

  1. JesusEclipse says:

    @RayneRaven1 you’re kidding right

  2. bravestchunk says:

    @RayneRaven1 No the continent is known as Oceania with includes both Australia and New Zealand. Look it up!

  3. WARDUDE130 says:


  4. StormWhiteBlack says:

    @RayneRaven1 Actually Australia is a continent and a country.

  5. FLABREZU says:

    @RayneRaven1 It’s both…….

  6. mlouvier says:

    No Azerbaijan?

  7. RayneRaven1 says:

    Australia is a CONTINENT, not a country. The show was wrong. Look it up.

  8. subscriber54321 says:

    Albania, Austria, Argentina, Australia, Afghanistan

  9. clippers4me says:

    I can’t believe they let these bunch of dumb families on this game show.

  10. Jupiter2able says:

    I watch recent and classic episodes of Family Feud on the Game show network all the time and this is a pet peeve of mine. These idiots that have this opportunity to win big money,but they can’t hack it because they are stupid. Just the other day, a woman was asked to ” Name a country that drinks a lot of wine”. Her answer? London!!! Just once it would be nice if any of the hosts -Richard Dawson,Ray Combs,Richard Karn or John O’Hurley said something like “That’s a city,not a country,dumbass!”

  11. ZiggyHuttinga says:

    @KladioFonseca Dumbass, America is the informal name of the United States of America. You wouldn’t argue China isn’t a country because its actual name is the People’s Republic of China, would you?

  12. 3rsliz says:

    @KladioFonseca yeah it is bitch

  13. ZiggyHuttinga says:

    United States of America:America::People’s Republic of China:China

  14. NaruHina8 says:

    Americas: two continents in the western hemisphere
    America: a country within northern america, commonly referred to as America rather then it real name, United States of America

  15. bozeez91 says:

    LOL this video should be called dumb and dumber: THE GAME SHOW!

  16. shh4 says:

    @KladioFonseca Don’t play dumb.

  17. Anihero69 says:

    @KladioFonseca short for united states of AMERICA

  18. fran9860 says:

    he needs a blow job.

  19. SandMasta says:

    they’ve got to be paid actors…

  20. joshbrochill92 says:


    It’s also a country you idiot.

  21. Tcassa89 says:

    Christ! we have some pessimistic people on here. The “A” in USA stands for America

    Very few people who live outside of the USA refer to themselves as Americans, it is the common name used for the USA

    songs like America The Beautiful, God Bless America, Living In America, ect are not referring to the continents of North or South America, they are referring to the country known as the US of A, also commonly referred to as America .

  22. DanFrederiksen says:

    @adrenalation only to the retards in USA who think USA is the entire world.
    america is two continents. USA is just part of north america

  23. TeamRedMedic says:

    @adrenalation Or it can mean the western hemisphere.

  24. adrenalation says:

    America is short for the United States of America retards….

  25. deadcelloo says:

    There are stupid people everywhere.

    Cockneys in Britain, Gypsies in everywhere else in Europe, and stupid swedish blondes. Just to name a few.

    Everyone just hates on Americans more so than other countries, because it’s easier to.

    I mean hell, look at Africa, half those people still live in straw huts and shoot each other over who flung poo at who. That whole continent would not have evolved without the contact of other nations.

    Again, stupid people everywhere.

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