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Worst Family Feud Contestant ever

Definitely the worst contestants on Family Feud ever. Guy hears answers and still failed to say it…. hilarious Looking for more cool stuff? Visit our blog at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Worst Family Feud Contestant ever”

  1. JohnCenaSucksBIGTIME says:


  2. 111vnderbnder111 says:

    @hakkeboef68 YES!!!! Canada, The U.S and Mexico are in America.

  3. hakkeboef68 says:

    @111vnderbnder111 Are you serious?

  4. hakkeboef68 says:

    @wovokanarchy it’s not.

  5. nintentom says:

    I swear the guy second from left says Africa, have to listen closely. About 0.49

  6. nintentom says:

    I swear the guy second from left says Africa, have to listen closely. About 0.49

  7. abskgkdde says:

    @wovokanarchy Australia is both a country and continent.

  8. Ralfberg says:

    Australia is a country/continent, so everythings alright

  9. withoutvowels says:

    @wovokanarchy It’s usually referred to as Oceania, and includes New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and other islands of the south Pacific.

  10. hpcwsd says:

    I bet they voted for Sarah Palin too !

  11. slashy04 says:

    lol he said amsterdam

  12. 111vnderbnder111 says:

    America is a continent too dumbass, It’s the USA!!!!

  13. bijoukaiba says:

    Hmm, I was able to think of Australia, Afghanistan, Austria, Albania, Argentina, and Algeria.

  14. supermanjack94 says:

    Ah, I thought that you were implying that Africa was a country.

  15. lucabaracuda987 says:


  16. danm966 says:

    For God sales, just put monkeys and a shovel on the panel, I GURANTEE you they’d get a better score…

  17. LeBronForTheWin says:

    @karmessi no, Australia is a continent AND a country at the same time, its just a bigass country and America is a country not a continent, America is part of the continent NORTH AMERICA that houses America, Canada and Mexico, hence why there’s another continent called South America, if u got a problem with this go talk to my 1st grade geography teacher, Mr. World Map

  18. LeBronForTheWin says:

    @supermanjack94 well taking that they mentioned Europe, might as well try Africa too

  19. supermanjack94 says:

    Are you serious?

  20. fall3nsktr says:

    @princessmaryo he said besides america

  21. karmessi says:

    the continent is oceania not australia!
    and america is a CONTINENT not a COUNTRY

  22. 8NamelessNightmare8 says:


    It’s both a continent and a country.

  23. pharmacist5870 says:

    Australia is a freaking continent just like Asia. The show’s just as dumb.

  24. rollipolioli says:

    …. bunch of fkn idiots

  25. LeBronForTheWin says:

    AFRICA, surprised they passed on that one

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