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Workaholics: Scrimmage Firing (Comedy Central)

Blake shows Jillian how to fire someone, while Ders searches for eye wash. Subscribe to Comedy Central’s channel for more Workaholics by clicking this: Visit the official Workaholics site – And the Workaholics tumblr: Follow Blake on Twitter – Follow Ders on Twitter – Follow Adam on Twitter – Follow Comedy Central on Twitter – Like Workaholics on facebook – Like Comedy Central on facebook – Don’t forget to tell us what you thought in the comments, like the video and subscribe to our video for all of your Comedy Central favorites.

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25 Responses to “Workaholics: Scrimmage Firing (Comedy Central)”

  1. lildadecounty305 says:

    lol i honestly think this is one of the funniest tv shows of all time. i laugh out loud every time i watch it

  2. Gify100 says:

    you got a 44.magnum pointed atchyour head WTF ARE YOU DOIN!.

  3. krizonras17 says:

    1:04 is so funny

  4. mata94ventura says:

    I Aint goin out like no bitch
    You Bitch

  5. kiddhitta says:

    i got a top gun hat made. its tight butthole.

  6. 909ALEK says:

    Sorry dude.

  7. pimpbranmuffin says:

    Check the gun hotshot

  8. dlj1892 says:

    Blake’s face at 1:04 hahahahaha

  9. slyklei says:

    epic is an understatement

  10. poopypantsmonster says:

    @TheOnlySolution or…he put it back on…with his hands.

  11. frontlines100 says:

    thats exactly how i want to get fired

  12. TheOnlySolution says:

    At 1:53, Adam falls on the ground… His hat falls of… Then at 1:57, his hat’s magically back on his head.

  13. TheOnlySolution says:

    When Adam falls on the ground… His hat falls of… Then while he’s getting burnt, his hat’s magically back on his head. Anyone else notice this? o_O

  14. zeppelin91593 says:

    you got a 44. magnum pointed at ur head…WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOIN! xD hahaha

  15. TmickD803 says:

    why the fuck are there no reeses pieces!!!

  16. swagman2866 says:

    1-ya know
    3-shh ya bitch
    4-thanks for this aperon man
    6-Adam shoulder shug
    7-Adam stunned
    9-arou (Ders sound)

  17. castLOVESleetza says:

    1:30 over and over

  18. OchoCincoDawg says:

    i aint goin out like no bitch, ya bitch

  19. TyEb64lyrix says:

    @kiddhitta maybe he decided to put it back on! dont hate alright! :>

  20. guitarXfreak0 says:

    that was very informative and a wonderful performance

  21. trippinonahole says:


  22. bowercrout says:

    notice has his hat falls off when he drops when he geys lit on fire, but then its on the next scene??

  23. Nndankn says:

    @Nndankn …. …. annd hes fired

  24. Nndankn says:

    JILLIAN, go ahead and get this guy a cigarette, CAUSE IM ABOUT TO LIGHT HIM UP

  25. kiddhitta says:

    is top gun hat falls off when he first falls down, then its back on. that’s a chop.

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