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Woody Allen on I’ve Got A Secret

Woody Allen appears as the celebrity guest on the long-running television program “I’ve Got A Secret”. Dated February 27th, 1967.

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21 Responses to “Woody Allen on I’ve Got A Secret”

  1. pretorious700 says:

    @BlackJackLanza piss off adolph

  2. pretorious700 says:


  3. BlackJackLanza says:

    I hate these jews

  4. IamEleanorRigby says:

    @erniehead It’s not Drew Carey is it?

  5. erniehead says:

    Wow, a very young Drew Carey

  6. DocSicnarf says:

    this could be a game show in itself. I would watch this if GSN put it on today.

  7. manfromregina says:

    Like yer

  8. MikeBarnes11 says:

    These Celebrities are retarded. 

  9. darrylhaynes says:

    you are as sick as he is…

  10. jerryhello100 says:

    @darrylhaynes And you’ll never be as smart, famous, funny, or beloved as him.

  11. darrylhaynes says:

    woody is a sick man

  12. lactoseme says:

    “It’s a noun, or in my case a verb.” Classic Woody! 5:16

  13. Fartingbellybutton says:

    Steve Allen and Woody Allen.

  14. 1privatepop1 says:

    I think they meant Upside Down”C”. Sounds pretty cool either way.

  15. my1990ful says:


  16. Ezhuks says:

    “Upside Down Sea In Technicolor” is a good name for a band.

  17. WhenYaSleep says:

    Haha, this is gold!

  18. nightfly776 says:

    If you knew anything about Goodson/Todman (the producers of I’ve Got A Secret), and their 1982 game show Child’s Play, you’d know what I am talking about. No “pathetic attempt” at a joke was implied.

  19. eleanorruby says:

    is this some pathetic attempt at a joke?

  20. Panicumbrella says:


  21. nightfly776 says:

    Perhaps the genesis for the 1982 Goodson/Todman CBS game show “Childs Play” was this.

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