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Woman wins ‘Wheel of Fortune’ with just one letter

Friday night saw one contestant achieve an unlikely win on “Wheel of Fortune.” With nothing more than a single consonant on the board, Caitlin Burke solved a seven-word, 27-letter puzzle. After asking for and receiving one “L,” the New Jersey resident asked, “Can I solve?” Veteran host Pat Sajak seemed taken aback by the early request but didn’t deny it. Burke then announced the answer, “I’ve Got a Good Feeling About This,” which couldn’t have been more appropriate.
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25 Responses to “Woman wins ‘Wheel of Fortune’ with just one letter”

  1. BoyFromMa says:

    What that ?

  2. freymondizer says:


  3. blazingkhalif2 says:

    this videos deserves the FTW award for the deacade

  4. xzcvzxcyuwe says:

    No way out man Russian women ** **

  5. XxExoNine says:

    RR was on this episode! ha

  6. Andrew182Lost says:

    Fuck Yeah!!!

  7. megamandude455 says:

    @MonkeyFunkR so apparently, Australia can view the US videos. but the US can’t view Australia videos. x(

  8. seanwat3 says:

    @2point6x4 i’ve got a good feeling about this comment!

  9. finalfantasticman says:

    @stikitape214 LOL yeah I left that option viable :)

  10. stikitape214 says:

    or maybe she cheated

  11. finalfantasticman says:

    @stikitape214 You have to realise Everyone is human; that no matter for what large percentage of people who may normally react in an expected way, there is a smaller portion who may just as likely react in another. The contestant could have easily narrowed down the possible words given by the length of each word, the apostrophe present, the letter she had revealed prior and having a good grasp of common phrases. With these factors, maybe more, some confidence and luck is all that’s needed :)

  12. geostillo78 says:

    I’ve got a rigged gameshow feeling about this.
    I’ve got a planted contestant feeling about this.

  13. mizterfresh911 says:


  14. STRATEGY510 says:

    I hope they tested her for PED’s after the show.

  15. snakesinahouseparty says:

    she’s an idiot, because she could have just kept spinning and winning more money.

  16. adoriable13 says:


  17. blod1981 says:

    lol awesome

  18. eggiex1 says:

    3 people got a bad feeling about´╗┐ this.

    I love how the audience was laughing at her when she said she wanted to solve it. Pwned audience.

  19. MistryWho says:

    @rei336 lmao, thats great!

  20. stikitape214 says:

    i dont think im buying this
    she wasnt surprised she got it the first time
    she was just like ‘WOOOO :)

  21. motorbreath1983 says:

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

  22. prismagraphy says:

    I guessed it without peeking, however it took me about 20 minutes. I don’t watch the show though. I’m sure if she watches and plays at home, she could figure these things out quickly.

  23. Viruspirate says:


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