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WKRP: Venus Explains the Atom

My favorite moment in all of WKRP. Y’know that was a Actually good show…! If you want to understand about the Atom…you will need go no further!

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25 Responses to “WKRP: Venus Explains the Atom”

  1. gradunza says:

    @WiVaBo I’m more impressed with his circles than his explanation!

  2. WiVaBo says:

    Dude’s got some circle drawing skills!

  3. bagelofthefuture says:

    8 people belong to the gang “the Elective ones”

  4. flmae46 says:

    The gangster just seemed gay…..

  5. bustkill says:

    You troll somebody into knowing something new?!
    That’s a Whole New Dimension MAN!

  6. doublehelices says:

    8 peope didn’t have two minutes!

  7. applefreak711 says:

    I showed my teacher this and she taught it to the whole class, word for word..

  8. rollirollmops says:

    Hey Gangmember. Look at the Atom! Now back to me! Now back to the Atom! Now back to Me! Now go back to school and finish the year.

  9. toolboxolio says:

    That student has to be pushing 40 years of age

  10. MoonBHAA says:

    it’s all in the teacher. A good teacher can change the world.

  11. Homerspy says:

    @kyleshiin get the heck out of my neighborhood melvin! checkmate illegal…my rook is facing your king…you can’t move that bishop anywhere.

  12. simio1337 says:

    Looks like Downey Jr from Tropic Thunder if he was really black

  13. kyleshiin says:

    wouldn’t they be called protrons then?? checkmate

  14. TheToeminator says:

    He still lost the bet. It took him 2 Minutes and 25 seconds.

  15. websnarf says:

    Best 4 minutes of television ever broadcast.

  16. LOLitsJono says:

    Howdy, PAHT-NA!

  17. incisorcist says:

    @blah11blah and technically, they jump in sub-orbitals, based on energy. SPDF.

  18. larukulunaseas says:

    dumb black people

  19. xridethelightningx says:

    more like the elected ones are prowling around the neighborhood all the time until someone decides to hunt one of them down.

  20. LavLTC says:

    @ErichoTTA Adam, Eve and a tree, I presume. :-/

  21. ErichoTTA says:

    Where’s the redneck version?

  22. micoulton says:

    @blah11blah electrons form a energy field where electrons dont actually rotate around the nucleus

  23. kangaimRoo says:

    No better explanation exists.

  24. WARof77 says:

    @blah11blah Im sure if he could draw in 3d space he would have, then the neighborhood analogy wouldnt have worked so well, it works good enough for him though.

  25. blah11blah says:

    Technically, electrons move all around the outside of the nucleus in 3 dimensional space depending up the number of electrons, but good job.

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