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WKRP in Cincinnati (1978): Where Are They Now?

find out what ever happen to the 1978 tv show WKRP in Cincinnati
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25 Responses to “WKRP in Cincinnati (1978): Where Are They Now?”

  1. thafoofa says:

    Loni Anderson doesn’t hold a candle to Jan Smithers’ beauty.

  2. solesirching73 says:

    Jan Smithers (aka Bailey Quarters) – Just one word to describe: HOTTIE!!

  3. don62snodgrass says:

    What a great show! The turkey drop and the episode where they do jingles for Morrisons funeral home are my 2 favorites! Les was my favorite character and I wondered why he always wore a bandage. Thanks for that info. Great job on this!

  4. RainMan68 says:

    I believe that Richard Sanders currently lives on Mercer Island in Washington. He made a couple of appearances on a Seattle television comedy show called The John Report about eleven or twelve years ago.

  5. elihew says:

    What a great show this was! The ‘characters’ portrayed were quite innovative, and lovable for their various idiosyncrasies…
    Thanks for posting!

  6. IRONHORSE11M says:

    Didnt gary Sandy and the producer of the show meet each other at Wilmington college?

  7. bshaun21 says:

    Didn’t Mr Carlson try to drug and sodomize Gary Coleman ??

  8. WhatsAYak says:

    @meetmrcallaghan – I hear ya…also, Roddy McDowall was originally considered as Mr. Carlson, and David Letterman was an early contender for the role of Andy Travis (but MTM opted instead to cast him in Mary Tyler Moore’s extremely short-lived 1978 variety series “Mary”).

  9. WhatsAYak says:

    @younghoss – I agree 100%…while Loni is/was a very attractive woman, I always preferred Jan’s more understated beauty, which is quite apparent in season 2′s “Baseball” ep. :-)

  10. younghoss says:

    Loni got all the press, and publicity photos, and storylines in rags too. She was a new “type” the first pretty, blond SMART receptionist.
    But oh yes, Jan was WAY hotter to me!

  11. Blade10201 says:

    “appeared on TV, TV-Films, and movies” seems to be used alot.

  12. lurch321 says:

    Seen Loni lately? She has NOT aged well.

  13. quixote22 says:

    geez andy travis reminds me so much of Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly) I hope NAthan ages better. Sorry I know that is not nice…

  14. sexytyper88 says:

    jan smither’s is stunning – call it a ‘girl crush’ :) ))

  15. meetmrcallaghan says:

    Tim Reid also played police detective Downtown Brown on the TV series “Simon & Simon” as well as Donald in the 1979 TV production of “You Can’t Take It With You”. the role that was originated in the 1938 movie by Eddie “Rochester” Anderson.

  16. kab1972 says:

    @meetmrcallaghan “Frank’s Place.” He also played the father on the sticom “Sister, Sister” and played Hyde’s biological father on “That 70′s Show” for 2 years.

  17. sirroxalot says:

    @tjhombs They also say still married since 2008 as if two years together was an amazing accomplishment.

  18. tjhombs says:

    You say that Loni Anderson is a Lutheran as though that is some sort of career.

  19. meetmrcallaghan says:

    To the party that couldn’t believe that David Cassidy was first considered for Dr. Johnny Fever, you might be interested to know that the first choice to play Lt Columbo was Bing Crosby but he reportedly turned it down because it would have interfered with his golf. I hear it year ago but was reminded when I read of Peter Falks passing last week at the age of 83. Also, Bill Cosby was considered for “Dirty Harry” Callaghan before Clint Eastwod. I could go on but I don’t have enough room…

  20. chefwindu says:

    @meetmrcallaghan Come on that is easy “Frank’s Place”, loved the show . Tim Reid’s Linc’s was in way remake of “Frank’s Place”

  21. KB4QAA says:

    Don’t forget Edie Clurg who played Herbs wife. She got a run of shows with increasing exposure. I thought they would develop her into a regular. Guess there were just too many greats in the cast. Edie started out in PBS radio in Kansas City, broke into film in Carrie as one of the girls, and of course Grace! Mr. Roon ies secretary in Ferris Bueller. She is such a card.


    Major ‘props” to the cast, writers, and crew for handling what happened at Riverfront before The Who concert with dignity and respect.


    WKRP, TAXI, The Greatest American Hero, Barney Miller, and Frasier. Five of the best off the top of my head. I know there’s more but these are definitely the leaders of the pack. Just great stuff. Never forget the “Phone Cops, Turkeys Flyin’ Jennifer’s new house, Jennifer’s doorbell, SCUM OF THE EARTH, Johnny and Venus drunk on the air – ‘I want a hat ‘, Sparky Anderson, Hoyt Axton, the guy posing as a Telephone Installer (I think) when Jennifer moved into her new house, and all the music

  24. sdupland1 says:

    The name of the show in which Tim Reid inheirted a New Orlean;s restaurant was “Franks Place”.

  25. meetmrcallaghan says:

    I saw that appearance Jan Smithers made on an Entertainment Tonight retrospective of “WKRP in Cincinnati”. Besides earlier thinking she was a beautiful woman and wonderful actress, I now have a newfound respect for her. That business of clarifying the situation about her relationship with Barbra Streisand took a lot of guts and I don’t know if a lot of other entertainment figures would have been able to do so. Loved when someone asked “Nichols?” and she replied “No, Quarters”

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