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Wink Martindale’s Career

A look at the career of 1 of America’s legendary game show hosts, Wink Martindale

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25 Responses to “Wink Martindale’s Career”

  1. AaronBruceLadner says:

    My 3 Favorite Wink Martindale Shows are Tic Tac Dough, Trivial Pursuit, and High Rollers.

  2. anthonytorelli says:

    Wink Martindale went on to become a DJ on KRLA radio in Los Angeles. Many Saturdays in 1961 I would drive my gf Susan and her friend Diane to Pasadena so they could spend the day with him and pick them up after work, probably 5 pm. He was in his late 20s but seemed ancient to me as I was 16 at the time.

  3. daddydog97 says:

    1:50 to 2:05 ROFLMAO :-)

  4. daddydog97 says:

    Mine too :-) And even though this video is about Wink, you can’t say “TIC TAC DOUGH” without mentioning Thom McKee, as his 1980 run is still the stuff of game-show legend.

  5. daddydog97 says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Martindale, And Many More :-)

  6. starstarstar42 says:

    Wow, I got to this video by looking at another video for a TOP-30 music countdown for “Top Of The Pops” in the U.K. Wink was #20 in ’73. I thought it might have been a joke, but no, there it was. #20 in the U.K.

    That’s all I got…Wink Martindale.

  7. HunterMann says:

    He’s pretty cool, but not as great as Alex Trebek, Monty Hall, Bob Barker and others.
    Would I sleep with Wink? If I were gay? Yes. Why? To erase my DEBT.

  8. bluebear1985 says:

    I’m surprised you didn’t include one of the commercials he was in for Orbitz.

  9. tnawcwvictoria says:

    Wink Martindale is a LEGEND and he even fits in the category of Game Show M.C.’s with class:

    The likes of Peter Marshall, Jim Perry, Jim Lange, Tom Kennedy, the late Bill Cullen, Bill Rafferty, the late Jack Narz, Gary Kroeger, Mark L. Walberg, David Ruprecht, Bob Goen, Pat Sajak, Greg Lee, the late Monteria Ivey, Vanna White, Betty White, Vicki Lawrence, Meredith Vieira, Julielinh Parker, Howie Mandell, William Shatner (SMTM) and of course Dick Clark and Richard Dawson.

  10. RealTime88 says:

    I wonder which one GSN will try to revamp if given a chance. I mean they did an incredible job revamping Bingo and Press Your Luck now didn’t they?

  11. BenJabituya says:

    I liked the concept of “Debt”, but my personal favourite was “TIC TAC DOUGH’!

  12. RealTime88 says:

    Oh me too. Wink Martindale is a legend. Great host, very funny, always upbeat. Debt was my favorite game show he did. Did you like that one?

  13. TVLubber says:

    That short High Rollers clip was from the very first Martindale episode.

  14. TVLubber says:

    For now.

  15. BenJabituya says:


  16. Boldadventurer13 says:

    omg i am like related to him… grandpa told me all about him they never knew each other well but…….whatever im proud of him

  17. Wheeloffortunefan999 says:

    what specifically r u talking about?

  18. tasha40701 says:

    That’s from Debt. Is it?

  19. tasha40701 says:

    Is he really your grandpa or not? Because I love him too.

  20. ZzbleedingZroseszZ says:

    heyy its ma grandpa.
    ta everyone that hasn got ta meet im.
    hes an amazing g-pa.
    n i love him sooo so much.
    hes the best g-pa i cud evar ask for. =]]]

  21. mpsarge1 says:

    That was nice to see of his career. But that was only part of it. he went back to the 1950′s with singing and movies. had a few nice songs back then. more than just a game show host,

  22. Jnelson09Returns says:

    Yeah… Maybe they’ll bring it back.

  23. huggyface says:

    I’ve not seen Thom McKee’s run on TTD…but it was awesome! I also wish a couple of clips from “Gambit” (original & Las Vegas) and “Headline Chasers” would’ve been on here, but it’s great to see Wink get a tribute to his career.

  24. huggyface says:

    Same here…too bad it’ll never be shown on TV again.

  25. Jnelson09Returns says:

    Me too.

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