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Wink Martindale – Deck of Cards (1959)

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25 Responses to “Wink Martindale – Deck of Cards (1959)”

  1. shaftsbury94 says:

    @MrArcati he is the fucking joker

  2. shaftsbury94 says:

    wank martindale.

  3. buckoman01 says:

    There were no teleprompters back in 1959. Using only his memory, Wink did a great job with almost four minutes of lyrics.
    Ed Morgan

  4. SalerPaul says:

    Nice… Can you imagine such a thing being a “top record” TODAY? My, how times have changed…
    Nowadays a soldier would be more likely to be court-martialed for telling such a story…

  5. OpticFibber says:

    Great wording. My Mamma loved it, I did, and now, the kids. :)

  6. Paul1964sp says:

    I owned this on 45 as a kid… It was played so much it was worn out badly! Would love to own it again!

  7. forza3skillgod says:

    there needs to be a new meaning of cards, not religeous but sycic sorry i dont know how to spell it but who ever wants to help me send me a message, this could be history.

  8. zappahart says:

    religious kook !! but i guess it is ok !!!

  9. Ezdduf4kuZ says:

    What was a very touching story to me back when I was a teenager apparently dosen’t hit me in the same way anymore, probably cause I’ve been playing to much solitaire by myself. It is still a good story behind your Deck of Cards. I bought the record long after to went top 40, backed with that Black Land Farmer. It really is something that there are 365 spots, the # of days in a year, 52 cards, the # of wks in a year, 4 suits, the # wks in a month & 12 pic cards…really something.

  10. rabblue says:

    wooo luv this i know it off bye heart ,learned as young boy. my dad talked me through it . i am now 45 and i tel people this about this story. they say how you work all that out about cards . a small wink of the eye a tel them am clever . well done WINK martindale

  11. rte66byhd says:

    it never fails to amaze me the things i have found on youtube. as a teen, i remember and loved this spoken word song. although i never bought the record this song has stayed in my memory all these years. thank you for posting it.

  12. foz32 says:

    thanks for this, it brings me of my late father

  13. EtcEtcAndEtc says:

    well, that’s totally meaningless

  14. gazoulay says:

    this was released on vinyl 7 ” in 1969, I have never seen it on cd

  15. maxinfidel says:

    Ed Sullivan Show

  16. bizzyfingers says:

    may i please ask, what show was this that wink appeared on? thank you in advance for your help.

  17. Samaritanable says:

    Very well-said and true. Amen +

  18. MrArcati says:

    Note that Wink does away with the Jokers. As it should be!

  19. zachsimmons1972 says:

    this is one of the most beautiful and amazing and awesome things i have ever heard wow loved it and you have to listen to it

  20. melv1965 says:

    R.I.P Peace my best mate Wally

  21. Fartingbellybutton says:

    Funny thing is, He did a Game Show with a Deck of Cards called Gambit which Debuted the Same day as the Price Is Right.

  22. KyplayaZ4lyfe says:

    he made a real big emphasis on his name haha WINK!

  23. tdtymonster says:

    he is my great grandpa

  24. DoctaDualist says:

    @lakebay972 Haha! Thanks for that good point. I take back a few things I’ve said about Wink now.

  25. lakebay972 says:

    @DoctaDualist That could’ve been an inside joke with Jack Barry, host of “The Joker’s Wild” where its bonus was about avoiding “The Devil.” When a player pulled the level and spun a devil, the image was that of Jack Barry’s face.

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