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Win Ben Stein’s Money 6/17/99 – Ben and Jimmy switch! – Part 1

Take a look at THIS episode of the Comedy Central classic. Apperantly Jimmy Kimmel and Ben got bored of their usual jobs so they switched roles AND wardrobes! Also notice Jimmy imitating Ben’s tone! DISCLAIMER: Nothing you see here is my property.

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17 Responses to “Win Ben Stein’s Money 6/17/99 – Ben and Jimmy switch! – Part 1”

  1. OMFGsoBOARD says:


  2. OMFGsoBOARD says:


  3. MrDrSmithJr says:

    @deluteddotcom I was thinking Bill Murray. TV’s Frank is probably more accurate.

  4. Hondo20132 says:

    @mitalca35 I guess they were hoping people wouldn’t make out the audience noises. But even then, it isn’t right.

  5. mitalca35 says:

    1:00-1:03 = GSN censoring fail. The first time? Bleeped. The second time? Not!

  6. Scotsman210 says:

    @deluteddotcom at the end of the episode someone forgot to tell him to push the button to end it

  7. GHZoner says:

    Wow, what would it be like to lose this episode when Ben is not even competing?!

  8. SSiG94 says:

    Jimmy: Why is he letting me do this? Call him a dumbass…

    Crowd: YOU’RE A DUMBASS!!!!!!

  9. morgan8757 says:

    would do have the episodes with eithier john cuthbertson or steve chernicoff

  10. t1ngley says:

    It’s hard to believe this show is a decade old already. It’s so much better than the garbage on TV these days.

  11. deluteddotcom says:

    Jimmy sounds like TV’s Frank from MST3K.

  12. Hondo20132 says:

    @PcolaAzian Jimmy left about 2/3 into the fourth season.

  13. PcolaAzian says:

    @RetroGuy91 they agreed to switch around places because jimmy was about to leave the show

  14. RetroGuy91 says:

    @RealTime88 Yeah Jimmy and Ben did a great job with this and Jimmy is hilarious doing his impression of Ben LOL.

  15. RealTime88 says:

    @RetroGuy91 I think so. I thought Jimmy and Ben did a great job with this.

  16. wa5519 says:

    FTW 6:31 She got me hot but she didn’t get me to CLI-mate

  17. RetroGuy91 says:

    Wow, was this supposed to be an April Fools episode?

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