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Win Ben Stein’s Money 2000 – second Ben Stein’s Cup! – Part 1

This is no ordinary episode of Win Ben Stein’s Money. This is the second time Ben brought champions together to play for 4x the stakes in the maingame and a total of 000! What a fool Ben is to do that… err, just watch the video. DISCLAIMER: Nothing you see here is my property.

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7 Responses to “Win Ben Stein’s Money 2000 – second Ben Stein’s Cup! – Part 1”

  1. punkassgypsy says:

    5x 5000$ is 25000$ not 4x… idiot

  2. DDRHottestPlayer says:

    Ben should have done just $15,000 and have the amount 3x the amount

  3. vainguitarist says:

    what was with that tiebreaker??? honestly

  4. Hondo20132 says:

    @StFidjnr I don’t have that one… yet.

  5. StFidjnr says:

    can you please post the 1st ever ben steins cup

  6. SJSharkWannabe says:

    Always a fan of his sneakers. lol

  7. Tubewings says:

    The show was never the same after Jimmy left.

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