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William Joseph, on Dr. Phil TV Show

William Joseph, on Dr. Phil TV Show

Image by cobalt123
Family member, seen on national TV today, my son’s brother-in-law called "William Joseph". First time on national TV but many times on cable channels, it was a thrill to see Bill play several songs from his new CD out on Warner records this month. There are links to 3 – 4 websites here if you’d like to check out his music. He is truly a gifted young man. There are links to youtube videos and his MySpace website where you can play many of his songs. The next photo is also a photo of the TV we were watching the show on today in the Chicago area- just his hands and then the prominent Yamaha logo from the keyboard of the piano. Believe me, he is FAR more photogenic than my photos show. Here is a link to a photo I got of him about 3 years ago before he started hitting the big time. He is very animated when playing so it’s hard to get a clear shot.

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6 Responses to “William Joseph, on Dr. Phil TV Show”

  1. eye of einstein says:


  2. gwilmore says:

    I agree with glyph hunter! :-)

  3. rusty_tripod says:

    I saw him on the show but could never have guessed he had connections. He is definitely talented on the piano.

  4. w9jim says:

    I hate to admit this, but I actually saw Dr. Phil today, so, consequently, saw William play. He’s very talented. I’m sure he’ll go far.

  5. cobalt123 says:

    Jim, join the club of all of us who never watch that show, ha ha! We kept turning down the sound then turning it up. I did not know it but it turns out my daughter-in-law was also there, in the audience. My youngest son (who is now stationed in Colorado Springs) saw the show too and saw her for about 2 seconds. Big family excitement, eh?

    Thanks all for writing in, appreciate it.

  6. guano says:

    KUDOS to William Joseph! I really like his version of Kashmir!

    Thanks for the photo and links, Sis! William is just as animated as Keith Jarrett, but much more photogenic. Now if he would do a Jimi Hendrix cover, that would really melt the cheese. Great music and energy!

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