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Will Smith Wild Wild West Song

No vid. sorry
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Will Smith Wild Wild West Song”

  1. ReloadedCwalk says:

    None of this, six gun in this, brotha runnin this. 0:15
    Sounds like biggie smalls man.. really xD

  2. TheAlmightyBassist says:

    I wish by stevie wonder in the background….Nice.

  3. QueenPJL says:

    29 people cant bounce into the wild wild west

  4. MaleBosszz says:

    @2Good2BeTrue45 I know knights was shit

  5. 2Good2BeTrue45 says:

    @MaleBosszz Shanghai Noon was incredible but Shanghai Knights was terrible as hell

  6. CommodoreFluffy says:

    I usually don’t listen to rap, but this is too funky(and silly) to not enjoy

  7. serr15 says:

    Love this song!

  8. kevinjonasrocksout says:

    @AYpokemon1818 The song was basically the music from Stevie’s song but with different words.

  9. toonfool13 says:

    @tiktakhc yea i kno but what’s the name of that song ?

  10. GreenGearMood says:


  11. RukoItalian23 says:

    Wild wild west was a good movie and the song is even better!!!!!!!! And you pplz swear to much!!!!!

  12. tiktakhc says:

    if you listen to the song of Stevie wonder i wish you realize that this song it’s a copy….

  13. timberghstt says:

    no vid? well, can’t have everything lol thanks for posting

  14. humannaturedj says:

    @dimestarr91 And who are you to tell me to sit down? If you don’t like what I’m saying, you are blessed with a scroll bar. Use it and ignore me.

    You are dismissed.

  15. dimestarr91 says:

    @humannaturedj who r u to tell somebody what lane they should stay in? Sit down.

  16. DTDreamTeamDT says:

    This song and the movie it goes to are both tight as shit

  17. MaleBosszz says:

    @2ritehooks Haahahhahaa tell me your top 10 movies and i’ll tell mine

  18. chrispleasantable says:

    This was track 14 and the 3rd single from Will’s 2nd solo album “Willennium” and was the 14th song I learned by this really cool rapper and actor with Kool Mo Dee and Dru Hill by his side. This also became track 13 from Will’s only compilation album “Will Smith: Greatest Hits”

  19. 2ritehooks says:

    @MaleBosszz how am i a new guy, you must have terrible taste in films then

  20. MaleBosszz says:

    @2ritehooks New guy.

  21. AYpokemon1818 says:

    This sounds like Stevie Wonder – I Wish

  22. 2ritehooks says:

    @MaleBosszz define rookie

  23. MaleBosszz says:

    @2ritehooks Hahahahha then you have no understanding of movies your a rookie in movies..

  24. ximattyyix says:

    i love this song

  25. 2ritehooks says:

    @MaleBosszz there good films you shit cunt, go jerk off in ur mums basement

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