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will smith wild wild west music video

will smith music video wildwild west from the movie with the same name…soundtrack
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25 Responses to “will smith wild wild west music video”

  1. Jzzile says:

    carlton and stevie wonder… that is funny as shit

  2. DCIK says:

    hot dames”"”"!!!!

  3. whitneyjp says:

    I was in love with this song when I was like 9 years old. haha

  4. 11181001 says:

    Nice work, keep it up. Brandon Jarod’s new music is AMAZING! DEC. 2010

  5. Jemsandjewels1028 says:

    First rap song I ever heard.

  6. Clesarie says:

    Who in the world can honestly hate Will Smith? I mean he’s awesome.

  7. crazydudu12 says:


  8. toodarkmark says:

    This is beyond horrible.

  9. Jeroenoman says:

    First single I ever bought!
    Nostalgia’ing hard over here.

  10. DustinDorough says:

    Dear God. I wish this movie could have been half as awesome as this song.

  11. WillT23 says:

    when i was 10 i knew literally every word to this song. i was badass.

  12. pokinfunatcartman says:

    Lol at 2:23 its CARLTON!!!!! good times, good times

  13. ZFox57 says:

    @B05W3L1 haha yea all i no by him is the thong of my personal favorites :D

  14. B05W3L1 says:

    @ZFox57 Sisqo, and some of his music solo and with Dru Hill is incredible. Incomplete, Dream, In My Bed, 5 Steps. Just some examples.

  15. 1479242009 says:

    i want to suck on salma hayek`s wild wild chest!!!!

  16. blackskullgirl09 says:

    love the song and movie!

  17. Kristinational says:

    Lmfao I thought this song was so cool back in the day! Me & my group of friends even called ourselves “The Wild Wild West Girls” oh boy!! xD

  18. ficarrone4 says:

    @cjmue12 yea me too

  19. cjmue12 says:

    love this song!!!!!!!!

  20. randi332 says:

    @SykotekDude He has four albums

  21. Shaymus420 says:

    this music video is soo fuckin cheesy ahhaa
    brings back good ol memories

  22. ZFox57 says:

    fucking cisco…

  23. 11181001 says:

    Love the sounds, I can listen to this stuff all the time.Watch out for new artist BRANDON JAROD. This guy is the next superstar! Release OCT. 2010

  24. Khwaja2010SR says:

    @whataburger16 It was!!! LMAO :D

  25. whataburger16 says:


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