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Wild Wild West – Escape Club

Wild Wild West – Escape Club

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25 Responses to “Wild Wild West – Escape Club”

  1. eydie57 says:

    i always thought the legs looked vulgar, really obscene. for some reason, at the time, the lead singer reminded me of dennis miller, although now, i don’t see it. i love the 80′s, tho, and this song is a good memory.

  2. carlafmf says:

    @johnr0214 OMG I never noticed this, too funny

  3. JohnnyHammer10 says:

    @SamBlob Yeah thats probably why it only went to # 1 in the American charts…..

  4. guinevere249 says:

    @mazoo2222 I agree with you!!

  5. johnr0214 says:

    Anyone notice they turn the wrong way when he says “turn to the left, turn to the right”?

  6. LilyLilyLilyPotter says:

    haha i always love this song. =] its a good pick-me-up.

  7. zoconino says:

    I think in the part of this video he look like tom hanks

  8. SamBlob says:

    @1970Texican You first.

    It’s a sad rip-off of “Subterranean Homesick Blues” by Bob Dylan and it makes no sense. Disco was dead by the late ’80s but apparently the Escape Club didn’t get the memo.

  9. SamBlob says:

    Now why does it sound like they stole the rhythm from “Subterranean Homesick Blues” by Bob Dylan?

    The video looks like it owes a lot to the mirror tricks in the video for “When Doves Cry” by Prince.

    This is the first time I have seen this video. Is this the real Escape Club or did their producers pull a Milli Vanilli on us?

  10. dolphyns2000 says:

    I love this song! I never did figure out the relevance of the bodyless arms and legs though. Awesome effect all the same. The 80′s were awesome!

  11. knightryderrwn says:

    Is it just my imagination, or does that drummer look EXTREMELY BORED throughout the WHOLE VIDEO??

  12. Marmalade000000 says:

    the lead singer’s hot as hell!!!

  13. Simonbard1 says:

    I love you little sister. This will always be your song. I remember you dancing to this in our living room. You would giggle at the tambourine playing legs adn sing this song. Whipping your hair around your head singing. you were so beautiful then. before all the shit. I will always try to remember you then. I love you.

  14. MsBlackknight2010 says:

    when my mom drove me and my friends to school, she would play this along with other songs similar to this. Her and I would dance and sing, and my friends would be like “shut upppp!!” IDK i am just retro i guess. :)

  15. Jedskins says:

    I LOVE this song… Living in the wild wild west!! Made a video to this song in wild wood years ago… The best & keeps the memories returning.

  16. earthquake1340 says:

    YES the trick is to go to mpthreefy (dot) com to find this mp3.

  17. CandiandJason1 says:

    lol, this song is great, i rememeber this song came out when i was like 12 or 13. I had the 45 for those who know what that is lol

  18. 1970Texican says:

    what sick little fuck doesn’t like this song? Get off of the planet you fucking martian!

  19. 7heBored says:

    @melbaa12 You insult Escape Club by comparing their music to those *gag* artists.

  20. syntaur says:

    I lived in Southern California back in the late 1980s… and with the booming economy there… President Reagan… the military buildup at the time… ect… It just fit…:)

  21. ThevSongbirdsvShadow says:

    I don’t get the arms, legs part.

  22. dot4design says:

    @thelegendofcarsley Yes, Elvis Costello!!!!!

  23. dot4design says:

    And again ( they did with an intro from Billy Idol´s ” Flesh For Fantasy” in their song Shake for The sheik ) this intro reminds me of a song from Elvis Costello : “Pump it Up”, but nevertheless nice song…..MORE FANTASTIC ´80´s music at my channel!!!!

  24. chainbluelightning1 says:

    I give two thumbs up to this video as well as life itself for putting this song on the radio today as I was driving. On the way home with my turkey grinders I suddenly forget for a few minutes that I was eating turkey grinders and not steak at a fine restaurant when this came on. Just boppin’ along, thinking about mean girls with great eyes and wild hair.

  25. rainbowgalll says:

    I heard this at Applebees.

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