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Why I Love Lucy Vitameatavegamin

Lucy at her best trying to promote a must use 23% alchohol based product, to spoon your way to health! Vitameatavegamin! It’s so tasty too!
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25 Responses to “Why I Love Lucy Vitameatavegamin”

  1. MrCommanderData says:

    Boy she was one of a kind, fuck this shit we have today, this is what I watch!

  2. clogwog1 says:

    @fran9860 Such a childish comment. Go pop another pill.

  3. fran9860 says:


  4. Ben121974 says:

    “It’s so tasty, too!” Ha! Look at the face she makes, after taking the first swallow! LOL!!!

  5. Jsusfrk20 says:

    If you look at Desi he’s doing everything in his power to hold back his laugh and smile when he’s standing next to her! Personally I don’t know how anyone can NOT laugh at this clip that was her best yet!

  6. drakeltheryuujin says:

    I’ll take some vitameatavegamin ;)

  7. noemi2007 says:

    OMFG!!! Friggin’ classic! And still cracks me up more than anything!! RIP entire cast!!

  8. rockinredsoxgirl88 says:

    lol do you pop out at parties are you unpoopular hahah lolz

  9. faithfan98 says:

    i love this it is soo funny and soo cute thanks

  10. kkc0161 says:

    It’s so tasty too! :D

  11. jlrobins87 says:

    @txx0xxt I’m sure she was but it was still funny!

  12. darwinschevelles says:

    this is the funniest thing ever

  13. steven1660 says:

    @nicholasbarwick Yes!

  14. nicholasbarwick says:

    @steven1660 really there going to release it

  15. steven1660 says:

    The Official Second Season Of “The Lucy Show,” Lucy’s second series is being released on DVD July 13, 2010! So everyone go out and buy it so that the third season is released quickly! It is in Color! and is hilarious, it also co-stars Vivian Vance(Ethel)!

  16. cjonas1gmail says:


  17. xboxfriek says:

    Do you pop out at parties? Are you Unpoopular”? haha She’s got those two mixed. I do love Lucy. my fav. episode ever!

  18. lovewwechristy says:

    hahaha omg that was hilarious. why don’t they still do re runs of this!?!?

  19. timxinxdaxhood says:


  20. biancasp says:

    “Do you pop out at parties? Are you Unpoopular”? haha She’s got those two mixed. I do love Lucy.

  21. txx0xxt says:

    she was probably acting drunk

  22. dsneybuf says:

    @TheAngelmj15 “Lucy Does a TV Commercial”

  23. JanColdwater says:

    And THAT is why I LOVE LUCY! I love this one!

  24. mabmao2 says:

    Oh man, there’s nothing like “I Love Lucy”!

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