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Why does Fat Boy Glenn from American Patrol keep referring to immigrants as “Invaders”?

Question by jgmcs: Why does Fat Boy Glenn from American Patrol keep referring to immigrants as “Invaders”?
The only Invaders were the English and Spanish Conquistadores hundreds of years ago.

Heres the definition of “Invader”
Noun: invader An individual who enters by force in order to conquer

And what is a Conquistador, extremely straightforward a conqueror.

The immigrants are not attempting to conquer anything, it would be impossible to conquer the may well of the U.S military, they just want to function and feed some of their poor back in their country.

Fat Boy Glenn has it all wrong, he better get it correct and stop calling them “Invaders” or I’m gonna invade his assz with my foot way up there.

Very best answer:

Answer by curious
The writers of Fat Boy Glenn are clearly not educated.

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6 Responses to “Why does Fat Boy Glenn from American Patrol keep referring to immigrants as “Invaders”?”

  1. Common Sense says:

    Careful you don’t let your alligator mouth overload your hummingbird butt…

  2. robabard says:

    Lots of loud talk from a closet invader.

  3. FAYEKINNIT says:

    Hmmmm, grow up. Check your definitions again geek. I am right now invading your space on Yahoo Answers. Do YOU like it? We all just want to work and feed our poor. But we are not doing it illegally. You think immigrants should have special treatment? You think immigrants are the only ones to want to help their families? Do you think I may not want to pay withholding every paycheck? Reality check dude.

  4. Knows2much says:

    jgmcs is WRONG! Look into La Raza(The Race) and reconquista as in taking back Aztlan. Both are openly promoted and funded by your tax dollars(thank George Bush). And, both are operating with the goal of invading and taking over the southwest US that they lost in several revolts against Mexico. Also see the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report for the number of armed incursions and gunfights with the Border Patrol or local sheriffs office’s. It’s much more prevalent than you think.

  5. bobemac says:

    Best get ur P’s & Q’s straight, ur barking up the wrong tree.

  6. David T says:

    I’m gonna invade your AZS with my size 13 boot you moron it’s an invasion when you have 11 to 12 million people flooding across the border with the intention of taking over whether by military means or by just displacing the people already here. 12 million people equals about 50 divisions of troops. When people scream AZTLAN into the TV camera we all know they are referring to the MYTHICAL land they are now saying is the southwestern Untied States. Yes I said MYTHICAL land as Aztlan never existed and these illegal promoters like LE Meccha and MALDEF and such know this but use the myth to entice uneducated poor people to come here so they can take over the 6 largest economy in the world (California). If that isn’t an invasion then nothing is just because illegal immigrants aren’t a military organization doesn’t mean they aren’t hostile you bone head. And you can bet money if 12 million Americans decided to cross the border into Mexico the Mexican army would be shooting them as the stepped over the border. IF not then why is the Mexican army on the southern border keeping Nicaraguans and Salvadorans from crossing that border HuH?

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