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Whose line is it anyway – guest star Sid Caesar

foreign film dub with guest star Sid Caesar on WLIIA…Mind You- He does not truly speak any of the languages here :)
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Whose line is it anyway – guest star Sid Caesar”

  1. TomCollinsgirl says:

    I am quite young but i totally perfer Cid and the Reiners comedy over most recent “comedians”

  2. GameKingMartin says:

    his French is flawed xD but its K its Cid

  3. mukwonagoareaschools says:

    To anyone who enjoys television comedy, you are looking at one of the most brilliant and comedic pioneers of the medium when you watch Sid Caesar. If you don’t know who he is, then Google him and you’ll discover just how legendary he is. Just because you don’t know who he might be doesn’t mean he’s not worth learning about because the man is HUGELY responsible for shaping the direction of tv comedy.

    Caesar was a masterful pro as an entertainer. Most jokers now couldn’t do what he did. Go, SId!

  4. ChipmunkBristle says:

    Just saw this episode last night and thought this part was so funny! xD go Sid Caesar!

  5. Mutzumi86 says:

    @UsaChan909 I’m Austrian and a native german speaker. A lot of words he uses are actual german, but he says random words in a row which don’t make real sense most of the time. At the end of his german part he says “…and up there he stands, and Poland and Czechoslovakia…”.

    Regarding japanese: The first sentence Caesar says has an actual japanese word at the end – “deshou”. But I guess he used random words/made “japanese sounds” again.

  6. UsaChan909 says:

    so is he really talking and making sentances or is it just random words put together? and if it is sentences translations please :)

  7. Mcburgerdennyfatkid says:

    @matatosuke3791 lmao i just watched this on tv too :P thats the reason im here haha. Caesars amazing!

  8. Dfireanime13 says:

    Lol, for the French he was good at first until he made it obvious that he was saying random shit, and the Japanese he totally butchered and was doing some Chinese impersonation in there lol, and Drew…oh geez…..otherwise I was pretty impressed lol.

  9. matatosuke3791 says:

    I just watched this on tv. Frikin awesome! The Japanese part was sooo cool! XD
    Thank you samvithvrao for posting this.

  10. Swordsmanofthedark says:

    @doddsino Hence why they admire him… Or at least Drew does.

  11. GGUBoss says:

    One of the funniest men in the history of television. This is a really fantastic tribute.

  12. justasilly1 says:

    what a grandeur of a man…. dashing in his old age…. mwwaacchh

  13. Msilikenachos says:

    omgosh i think Colin’s a fan of him or something. that part was cute how he laughed 2:49. LOL Drew’s japanese thing! im with Colin on that one! 4:32

  14. doddsino says:

    None NONE of these guys are in Sid’s league.

  15. lonelyislandfan14 says:


  16. cutekillerofwow says:

    Wow he is amazing.

  17. Salieri1760 says:

    I’m really relieved by the fact that such a wonderful veteran actor like Sid Caesar is still respected by a legion of fans

  18. Sbazz89 says:

    @denny727 thank you

  19. AssJuicenNowa says:

    Never heard of him before I watched this episode…

  20. denny727 says:

    @Sbazz89 21 nov 2001

  21. TheTrueSnipr says:

    I worship the ground Sid Caesar walks on. He is truly inspirational.

  22. norfolkwestern10 says:

    god bless sid… hes amazing!

  23. Magic175 says:

    Sid is really awesome!

  24. ClaymanV says:

    I think he knows words from those languages, but isnt saying them in a correct manner. He would be saying it like “Im telephone running escargo poptart garlic husky dog” :P

  25. jake5 says:

    I’m not too sure, but this might be the only Foreign Film Dub that didn’t completely veer off the starting story line.

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