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Who’s The Boss?

This is our first music video for ¬°Hey, Hey Pioneers! shot entirely on location inside of the Uptown Theater in beautiful Uptown Minneapolis. A quite unique thanks goes out to our very good buddy Richard Gill who created it possible for this to happen. Who’s The Boss? was Directed yet again by The Very good Physician Shane Nelson. Do not watch this if you have epilepsy. It may possibly cause seizures. Not a joke.

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25 Responses to “Who’s The Boss?”

  1. VerbosityFail says:

    The drums suck without Tony. It’s all about the sweaty armpits…

  2. IamTheArsonist95 says:

    Best video ever!

  3. dabigjokeoftheday says:

    the camera guy must be epileptic. eeegads

  4. imkwamemensahhh says:

    so much of an I Am The Movie influence on this, i love it.

  5. bmarron123 says:

    I love Justin Pierre so much :)

  6. jsh020 says:

    @CaptainBakaSama that new album isnt gonna come out for a while, damn it, why does time slow down everytime my favorite bands announce new albums,

  7. smileXbright says:

    Messsy hair….. Is so attractive :)

  8. ivyreichman says:

    anybody ever notice Kari in some shots in the pink looking room in the background?

  9. CaptainBakaSama says:

    This is perfect to hold me over till the new MCS album comes out xD

  10. aaronzombieEOW says:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!! This song is perfect! It made me forget how to breath!

  11. grendelsbeard says:

    with the addition of the female vocals, its kinda like MCS and Pretty Girls Make Graves had one beautiful fuck child…even though Im aware thats not Andrea Zollo, but whoever she is has an amazing voice nonetheless.

  12. AtotheDamn says:

    I’m a hardcore MCS 4-LYFER, and I’m enjoying the hell out of FC’s album, even more than the EPs which I already loved.

  13. DahParadox01 says:

    Too … much … awesomeness….

  14. davidbrucemusicvideo says:

    Interesting video concept.

  15. ThisUselessHeart2 says:

    Yes. :D This is what I generally want music to sound like. So rad-tastic.

  16. stokd00 says:

    Favorite song on the album. The day I heard this I put it on repeat for 25 mins or so while I ran my stupid face off…it’s a barn burner.

  17. enerianaid06 says:

    the sound of her and his voices is just AMAZING! i love motion city soundtrack.. but god this is so fucking great!!

  18. Greenie369 says:

    In my opinion, this song is a conversation between two people. One of them (portrayed by Justin) wants to help his friend (portrayed by Allie), but that friend doesn’t want to accept his help.

  19. djbrambles says:

    They need to shot a video for The Greatest of All Time and/or Dagger, Dagger: Terror, Terror

  20. chloeakers says:

    Can not stop playing this song! I have spammed it on Tumblr, Facebook & Twitter XD

  21. villered says:

    Yes, yes, Yes, FUCKING YES!!!

  22. youtubrgirl12345 says:

    @brfoliage Figure of speech ;) jk. They mean that they were both unhappy when they were in a relationship (or at least that’s what I think it means; don’t kill me for misinterpreting it, Farewell Continental!).

  23. youtubrgirl12345 says:

    I just love you guys right now. Continue to kick ass.

  24. cooldood45100 says:

    begginning kinda sounds like cambridge by mcs

  25. theplotsucks says:

    I’ve just gone crazy watching this video. Crazy in a good way.

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