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Who’s The Boss – Opening Credits Season 1

Opening Credits for “Who’s The Boss”(1984 – 1992) season 1.

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25 Responses to “Who’s The Boss – Opening Credits Season 1”

  1. fleshtreat78 says:

    did u see the supervising producer is named Bud Wiser.

  2. Burner2K0 says:

    The Phantom’s Revenge brought me here :P

  3. stevenrayhaakon says:

    This is the best thing that has ever happened in the history of the universe

  4. AwWDesignZ says:

    @illuminatioracle wow ur a real jerk i guess…it was a good clean show!

  5. chicagowhynotme says:


    your wife is one lucky lady.

  6. mrpossibilities says:

    I wonder if this is the Tv show that set the tone for future tv shows such as The Nanny.

  7. tweety2nice says:

    omq alyssa looks soooooo cute & adorable . .

  8. illuminatioracle says:

    @AwWDesignZ that’s about level of taste from the general who’s the boss fan back then

  9. Zoidberg312 says:

    Did you guys know a Tony Danza is a sexual move? Look it up on Urban Dictionary. It’s hilarious. “Who’s the boss?”

  10. NeverAgain1985 says:

    I loved this show as a kid, but hated the son in it, i wanted to kill him

  11. johnlovesroxy15 says:

    I cant believe you people like this dam show I only wanted to show my wife this GAY ass beginning the worst intro to a tv show ever and if you liked it your a FAG

  12. TheJhorgegarcia says:

    i watched this a lot and i forgot about what is about, he used to work for that lady , mmm theres a serie called mellissa and joe that themes exactly the same nowadays with melissa joan hearth.. recicle

  13. johnmalory26 says:

    And now she’s a hottie

  14. djibridibili says:

    Thank you Community =)

  15. smshariff says:

    Like this if you came here after watching Community this week

  16. vmelkon says:

    @Alphabex8 I guess I’m thinking of another show.

  17. Alphabex8 says:

    @vmelkon WTF. I don’t ever remember that

  18. underlinedbluetext says:

    Who indeed.

  19. akke90 says:

    Mona’s the boss :) ) best show ever!!!!!!

  20. EveryOnesADoucheBag says:


    Yeh but the kid turned out to be a fag.

  21. vmelkon says:

    Is this really from season 1? Wasn’t Mona a witch with magical powers in season 1? Or perhaps in the pilot episode?

  22. PeterZeeke says:

    Alyssa Milano has always been hot. how weird. lol at bud wiser

  23. GarthanSaal444 says:

    @jimmyupthemountain Angela had no problem hiring Tony because he had once been a pro baseball player whose background was clean. Plus, he did have a daughter, and Angela’s mother and son both liked him. Then there was the mutual attraction between the two.
    If I recall, the act which really sealed the deal was Tony providing the boy some baseball pointers, which Angela realized that her son needed some type of father figure so he wouldn’t become a mama’s boy.

  24. GroverKent says:

    @myk3727 Actually, more of a pezoodophile…but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion for another day.

  25. myk3727 says:

    @GroverKent You sound like a

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