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Who reads the papers? – Yes, Prime Minister – BBC comedy

Prime Minister, Jim Hacker explains to Sir Humphrey and Bernard the importance of the papers and who reads which one. Hilarious BBC British comedy at its greatest.
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25 Responses to “Who reads the papers? – Yes, Prime Minister – BBC comedy”

  1. jazzangelreloaded says:

    @JezSpice Is it even possible to present the facts without any opinion? Wouldn’t you lose the context?

  2. JezSpice says:

    When will a newspaper exist that just tells you the news and nothing else. every newspaper tries to force its opinion of a news story on you. Whether its the Guardian on one side or the telegraph on the other. When I buy a newspaper I don’t want to read what the Editor thinks and the slant they put on every news story like the alternative vote. Just tell us the news and the facts not an opinion!!

  3. wimblewomble21 says:

    i wish they would establish a paper for the intellectual youth of the UK aged between 16-30 that has the format, art, glam and culture of the gaurdian and the telegraph. But has the same credabillity and intellectual content as the times. But also does not feature the boring drib drab hypocrisy of the independant. Im sick of having a substantial percentage of my under the minimum wage going towards two to three papers a day

  4. syntaxeabuser says:

    television at its best. they wouldn’t dare do something like this today.

  5. sargcullen1 says:

    @jamie24cfc yeah and humphrey should be foreign secretary

  6. Kinitawowi says:

    @mkarnerfors THIS. Check Nigel Hawthorne at 1:34 – you know he’s thinking “Oh yeah, that was good.” Derek Fowlds looks on the verge of corpsing at the end too.

  7. MusicPredominates says:

    … in retrospect PATHETIC !

  8. cjfeanor says:

    This is THE best line on british comedy .. (above “folk handels” and all…)

  9. 2charliep says:

    @masterkaran4u More a reference to the topless Page 3 girls

  10. masterkaran4u says:

    The remark was abt the queen ?

  11. SuperDaniel4200 says:

    LOL really funny

  12. shaunmalley says:

    Hasn’t changed.

  13. lomax343 says:

    Very funny – but taken almost word for word from a Dave Allen sketch of some years earlier.

  14. catfacetheoriginal says:

    0:00 < <<<

  15. eddieoxford says:

    The Telegraph is read by people support the people who run the country!

  16. MrWatto45 says:

    Stunning set piece,brilliantly written,brilliantly acted.If it were today we could add that The Sun is owned by the person who actually does run the country

  17. tuepecto says:

    simply awesome !!!

  18. MrHistorian123 says:

    To those who mistakenly think The Office was the greatest sit com of all time, watch this and see THE best. (Or was it Fawlty Towers – a damned close run thing).

    The chemistry between these 3 brilliant actors, combined with a superlatively clever and witty script, makes almost everything else look rather third rate.

  19. Treblaine says:

    I find it insane that Murdock owns both The Times and The Sun

  20. guiltilysinful says:

    British newspaper in a nutshell even today.

  21. bpraag says:

    Nigel Hawthorne you were a great actor. Thank you for all the great entertainment.

  22. lettucegod says:

    RIP Nigel Hawthorne, your implicate timing and subtle smug facial expressions when vicotrious in your manipulations of the cabinet seats will be remembered by me and millions of others for decades to come, I hope to pass your wit and cander onto my own children some day. God Bless Sir Humphrey.

  23. samandyjohn says:

    Absolutely fantastic

  24. wojop95 says:

    czesc, lol

  25. st8pl8guy says:

    11 people don’t read The Sun. ( O ) ( O )

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