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Wheel of Fortune

Soundtrack (Wheel of Fortune) from Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.

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25 Responses to “Wheel of Fortune”

  1. bookercreator says:

    music from when jack shoots the kraken and everything explodes? whats it called?

  2. skyask23 says:

    What is the song from 3:36 – 4:10???? anyone know??? PM me if you do! Thanks :D

  3. CowWorshipper says:

    @PrinsLuchtkasteel Two Hornpipes

  4. freydey says:

    I’m not going to write an entire fkn scene in my comment

  5. jesushimself100 says:

    @PrinsLuchtkasteel two hornpipes dumbass

  6. TheDarkAlphadron says:

    Two Hornpipes (Tortuga). Everyone knows this. Shame on you!

  7. PrinsLuchtkasteel says:

    What’s that song at the end? ( This is what I mean: 6:45 )

  8. TheDarkAlphadron says:

    Not really. Jack Sparrow knew where the key is. So for him, going after the key, which is in posession of Davy Jones, who wants him enslaved on the Dutchman forever, makes no sense. He needed some sucker to do that for him. And then he found Will… ;)

  9. Jenny5394 says:

    @TheBigPedoSecret i don’t know. :D gosh thats really hard. :D

  10. TheBigPedoSecret says:

    @Jenny5394 than what it is?! :D

  11. Jenny5394 says:

    @TheBigPedoSecret I think this is not the answer to every question. :D

  12. TheBigPedoSecret says:

    @Jenny5394 Jack wanted rum? :D

  13. TheBigPedoSecret says:

    @Jenny5394 umm…..maube he wanted to go in Tia Dalma’s shack? O.o

  14. Jenny5394 says:

    @TheBigPedoSecret the last sentence is the problem. :D just keep trying. :D

  15. TheBigPedoSecret says:

    @Jenny5394 i almost got it!! its just that i cant understand what Jack wanted to say in the last sentence…..Gibbs is not making any sense for what?!? he was right that they need the key….gosh thats hard! :D

  16. Jenny5394 says:

    @TheBigPedoSecret tell me when you succeed. :D

  17. TheBigPedoSecret says:

    @Jenny5394 now I willstudy this dialog for weeks to get any sense :D

  18. minimig5 says:

    @GlatorianMataNui No, that would be…. Gay…

  19. lizard2698 says:

    “Why thank you Jack”
    “Your welcome”
    “Not you we named the monkey Jack”

  20. lizard2698 says:

    “Hello bestie”

  21. AgieSebie says:

    Jack Sparrow :” What are you doing?
    Will Turner:”Im going to kill Jones.”
    Jack Sparrow: ” Im sorry but I cant let you do that , cause if Jones if dead who’s gonna call his terrible beastie of the hunt , eh?
    Will Turner:” Im sorry Jack but I keep the promesis I make.”
    James Norrington:” I cant let you do that either” Jack Sparrow:” I knew youd warm up to me .”
    James Norrinton.” Lord Becket desires the the contents of that chest .”

  22. AgieSebie says:

    Davy Jones:” Damn you Jack Sparroooooooooooooooooow”

  23. GlatorianMataNui says:


  24. mr2000aaa says:

    OHHHH this is based on the wheel they fight on…. I thought its was based on the spinney map thing they use in the 3rd film

  25. zejdkoco1 says:

    this is the funny part of the movie :D

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