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Wheel of Fortune – Vanna’s first show

Originally aired: December 13, 1982. At the beginning of this daytime episode, Pat Sajak introduces Vanna White as the new official co-host of the show.

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25 Responses to “Wheel of Fortune – Vanna’s first show”

  1. dcguy30 says:

    It’s funny how Pat says White just like how Stewie from Family Guy says Cool Whip.

  2. EricTheGreat87 says:

    I lol’d big time.

  3. GrahamGilmore20 says:

    she won’t last

  4. midnightfapper says:

    the uncles he speaks of are dog raping, kiddie fiddling pedophile alcoholics ;)

  5. organs says:

    “Please welcome, Vanna Hwite!”

    Geez…and to think this was a year after I was born.

  6. yourdickis2limp says:

    @jackliu913 Pat Sajak admitted in his book that he fucked Vanna Whites tits on her first day on the job,and phucked Merv Griffin in his fat ,wealthy ass for a dozen years following.

  7. jackliu913 says:

    Pat is having a huge boner.

  8. ianjames67 says:

    Thank you for everything that you have done.

  9. Cantantora says:

    I want that dress!!!! :D

  10. sross2800 says:

    Happy 28th Anniversary Vanna!

  11. hburbeck says:

    pat looked way different but talked the same

  12. hburbeck says:

    pat looked way different

  13. ff2paladin says:

    Well, Vanna’s still with the show (but NBC isn’t).
    She hasn’t aged a freakin’ day

  14. wildreams says:

    Pat’s hair looks fake.

  15. moproducer says:

    Let’s put Vanna on the wheel & give it a spin!

  16. mizzzlizzz02 says:

    i think pats always had a little crush on Vanna

  17. edgeninja says:

    Wow, she was hot.

  18. Razersun says:

    Hottie. I bet her bonch doesn’t even smell bad.

  19. GSNLiveFree4All89 says:

    @DEConnoisseur Gotta welcome 0:32 into my house now. Great clip T as in Terrific.

  20. taurnguard says:

    The odd thing of watching Wheel of Fortune now is that Pat is more blonde than Vanna.

  21. Qermaq says:

    @randir14 “Say white.” “White.” “Now say Vanna White.” “Vanna Hwite.”

  22. richardterrell says:

    She is so good looking.

  23. TrinnieDoll says:

    LOL! I was thinking the exact same thing!

  24. garycalgary says:

    poor girl works so hard…..

    turning letters getting millions

  25. randir14 says:

    Vanna Hwhite

    Cool Hwhip

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