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Wheel of Fortune (December 25, 1981): Clip of Chuck Woolery’s last Wheel episode!

Here is the 1st portion of my New Year’s Eve special. It’s a clip from Chuck Woolery’s last Wheel episode from Christmas day 1981 (a merry Christmas, indeed). We get to see the intro (for Christmas in New York), the player intros, and the emotional finale where Chuck thanks the many people who helped put Wheel together. Enjoy this extended look at Chuck’s grand goodbye! No copyright infringement is intended.

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25 Responses to “Wheel of Fortune (December 25, 1981): Clip of Chuck Woolery’s last Wheel episode!”

  1. sportsfan323 says:

    I don’t know if this is possible, but it would be cool if there was an episode/clip of Susan Stafford’s last day on the show….

  2. DownsA530 says:

    The whole episode exists, but no trader has a copy. I know an audio-only one was posted on here by someone (not sure if it’s still there).

  3. TheThearmistead2 says:

    @DownsA530 do you have the whole episode???

  4. smashwhammy says:

    @SimplyKevTV and the dignity memorial network

  5. SAIL4323 says:


    At least he went on to host Scrabble, Love Connection, Greed, and Lingo.

  6. limitbreaking says:

    I never knew that Chuck Woolery hosted this show. Sad to say that I know him from Lingo first, then I looked him up. Wow!

  7. GSNSmashFan3 says:

    LOL, I actually saw an Alteril commercial with Chuck while watching Lingo, another game show he hosted! XD
    Chuck also made a reference to his hosting duties on WoF in one episode of Lingo, I uploaded the moment on my channel.

  8. SimplyKevTV says:

    I wonder what “Wheel Of Fortune” would be like today if Chuck Woolery was still the host…he’s now stuck doing late-night infomercials for sleeping pills made by those Extenze people. I bet he kicks himself every time he thinks about his decision to leave WOF.

  9. AgnoAtheist says:

    wow that new car is hot shyt!!!!

  10. bwitz72 says:

    And who would have known then, that when Pat Sajak would take over, that it would run (and STILL runs) nearly 30 years later!?!?!

  11. GSNLiveFree4All89 says:

    4:10 Due a technical difficulty the THIRD puzzle was discarded and this program edited.

    4:21 Hope he enjoyed that nice Christmas gift from Susan. Nice moment.

  12. storrs19 says:

    Excellent! I loved the original WOF with Chuck Woolery and Susan Stafford. The best thing is that funky theme music written by Alan Thicke. Blows Merv’s crappy music away.

  13. johnissoevil says:

    @SuperGamer7 One that will never die. I’ve tried “Woolery left Scrabble” and “Woolery left Love Connection,” but those don’t have the same ring to them. :-)

  14. SuperGamer7 says:

    Holy Crap! Woolery LEFT Wheel?!!!!!! Just kidding.

    It’s a running gag around the fandom on the internet. :P

  15. brotherbrown84 says:

    3:53 Food Saver?

  16. Hallstrom77 says:

    In addition to the puzzleboard expansion and turntable addition, does anyone know if this was the debut week of the $2000 space relocated to its new position?

  17. Lupton2000 says:

    Does anyone have the last of the original set. So far only an audio of it exists. It aired on December 18, 1981, one week before Chuck left. On that show Chuck said “I’ll be a househusband December 26″.

  18. Aamigo19126 says:

    @ DownsA530 Snowpeck uploaded the complete version of this episode, but it’s in audio only.

  19. nextbarker says:

    Is this the only WOF opening without the fimilar WOF logo?

  20. AarHan3 says:

    Merry Christmas, Chuck! ;^)

  21. DENo1MatchGameFan says:

    I always thought Chuck was a better fit for “Wheel” than Pat Sajak ever was, and Susan Stafford was just CLASS period, like Janice Pennington was to “The Price Is Right!”

  22. CLAWS1051 says:

    I have to admit, it’s really weird seeing Chuck on here with the Sunburst backdrops and turntable.

  23. Hondo20132 says:

    Google ‘chuck woolery says not all was well’ to see the full story why he left.

  24. Hondo20132 says:

    Woolery only lasted a week with the turntable set.

  25. DownsA530 says:

    Thanks; it is a very emotional moment, and it was so genuine.

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