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WHDH-TV “Bozo the Clown” 1966

Boston’s original Channel 5, WHDH-TV, produced a local, weekday version of the “Bozo the Clown” children’s program between 1959 and 1970. Booth announcer Frank Avruch played the title role. These excerpts are from a 1966 broadcast. Episodes videotaped at WHDH between 1965 and ’67 were syndicated to markets that did not produce a local version of the show. All rights are acknowledged. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ * Recollections from former WHDH-TV employee Ron Hopkins via tvdvdreviews: I worked in the Music Dept. of WHDH-TV/Channel 5 in the 1960s. Ed Carroll Spinney was Grandma Nellie, Mr. Lion and Kookie Kangaroo, along with a few others. Del Grosso was Clank the Robot. The reason for each playing more than one character was that it gave the show more variety and allowed them to work several days a week. During the Holiday Season, those of us in the Music Dept. would wear the costumes of the characters so that they could appear all on the same show. Ed Spinney would do the voice of each character off camera. When Frank Avruch was sick or injured – he broke his hip playing handball – Romper Room’s Miss Jean’s husband Bill Harrington would play Bozo’s brother Nozo. Ed Spinney went on to become Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on “Sesame Street.”
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25 Responses to “WHDH-TV “Bozo the Clown” 1966”

  1. deblacki says:

    I always wanted Bozo’s treasure chest!!!!

  2. psyclon09 says:

    omg i remember watching this when i was younger XD

  3. SKBaneTek says:

    with out bozo we would not have krusty the clown or ronald mcdonald.. Oh and this is one childrens entertainer that was never accused of sex offences or hauled away to jail…. Very refreshing to see that in entertainment today

  4. Murph1331 says:

    “i’m looking for 81…thats 132 Bobby, that was close” LOL…Boston Bozo forever!

  5. 143AC says:

    Actually..The WHDH TV Boston Ma. version of “Bozo”first aired on WPIX TV Ch.11 in NYC in September,1965.

  6. MrHairyNutz says:

    I could have swore i seen this dozens of times in the early 90′s, i never realized it was so0o half-century old.

  7. pwnwner says:

    did anyone notice when Bozo entered, no one cheered? Then when Klank entered, all the kids started screaming like crazy! When the police came in and took Bozo away, the kids started cheering like mad too!

  8. squeezebox54 says:

    i was ten, now as I look all kids and no parents. he could hold thier attention like that…some kids are holllrin, but still

  9. Stabulent1 says:

    The clarity of this video is amazing!
    I was born in ’58 and grew up in Dorchester, MA. Bozo, Captain Kangaroo, Miss Jean and Romper Room, Rocky & Bullwinkle, all fond, fading memories of a good childhood.
    Thanks for posting!

  10. WWEChampion16 says:

    The Boston Bozo!

  11. directorofmusc says:

    I love watching the Bozo show back in the ’60′s when I was a child. When in second grade, attending James Doolittle in Chicago, my class attended a live taping of the show. This brings back wonderful memories. Thanks Vintage Television for posting this.

  12. kattttttttttttttttt1 says:

    first time seeing this and now i wish it would air again on tv that would b awsome

  13. MrWKMARTIN1 says:

    @gnoccafan ,
    I was on the show when I was 3/4 1959 or 60 so long ago I can’t remember.
    I won the treasure chest by hitting a spoon and getting it in the glass, actually both went in. I am trying to get a copy of that show to have my kids see it, anyone know how I can get it?

  14. SNESRadio says:

    I keep watching 0:58 to about 1:23 for some reason.

  15. BlurryBear says:

    Professor Tweetypoop?! I was so jealous of that Treasure Chest. My favorite moment that I can remember was when he and that magician in the silky red and yellow suit (name plz?) put balloons and roses in liquid nitrogen.

  16. Guitarisma says:

    I am on the phone right now with a girl in Nebraska who knew him personally and went to church together.

  17. chrisman737 says:

    @godofmetal712 , that was Soupy Sales. And kids very innocently sent wads of cash to Soupy at the station. True story. There was an outrage and Soupy’s career was blemished because of it.

  18. majinish says:

    @sps242 im 19 and even i remember that. it was awesome. came on Sunday mornings

  19. VintageTelevision says:

    I think that incident is connected with “The Soupy Sales Show.”

  20. godofmetal712 says:

    my dad told me that at one time he told all the kids to send money from parent’s wallets and pocketbooks. True?

  21. MajerPayne says:

    I watched this show when i was a kid and really liked it. Now I find him extremely creepy, maybe because since then I’ve seen the movie “It”

  22. matt408 says:

    The guy who played “Mr.Lion” in this show went on to portray “Big Bird”. I knew I recognized his voice.

  23. heebieandjeebie says:

    I was born in 63 in Boston…Was addicted to Bozo,Willie Whistle, and was on Major Mudd show….I am glad i grew up when i did. LOved all the cartoons on Saturday mornings,. You can take all the technology away and give me when times where fun and people smiled more! Better music,tv shows back than!!!

  24. oneblackhorse says:

    This show aired way before I was born but I really love how sweet and innocent it is. All just good, clean, natural fun. No computer generated crap. No acting that seems “fake”. Seems like today’s kid’s shows are (in general) a giant step backwards.

  25. tornmask says:

    i used to “LUV” this show! =0D

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