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“What’s My Line” (w/ guest Lucille Ball, Deborah Kerr) 1/3

Lucille Ball guest appears on the popular 1950′s game show “What’s My Line”
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to ““What’s My Line” (w/ guest Lucille Ball, Deborah Kerr) 1/3”

  1. Baktor says:

    @Patrick3183 you don’t think they censor movies anymore? look again… :P

  2. Petesbabe6 says:

    Whoever decided to film these was a genius!! Saved for all time!! Yay for us!!

  3. kittycathappy says:

    at the beginning they were like making fun of her but then later on they were like serious to see what she is.

  4. Yuethefox says:

    @mshockey73 oh I know! I just can’t get enough!

  5. jfinch12345 says:

    @gymnastix Hey there. Great idea! Why not just hook your DVR to your computer, transfer, and then you could upload directly from your computer, plus burn to disc if you like. On your DVR there should be a port labeled, “USB”, or something similar. All you need is a USB cable plugged into your DVR, connected to the computer. :)

  6. Kinoakim says:

    Thank you so much for uploading the full episode

  7. nodollarsign says:

    @jfinch12345 I agree!! Compare television today to this. The way they speak! Gorgeous. It would have most of the newest generation of cretins scratching their head and reaching for the remote

  8. jfinch12345 says:

    Lucy isn’t in Part 1, but I agree with some of the other people. What a wonderful show, I can’t stop watching them. The people are all so innocent seeming, and such elegance. This show could never be reproduced, and maintain the quality of this production. There’s just no way to do it, and remains with the generation it was broadcast in, not that we can’t enjoy the re-runs. Just there’ll never be a re-make that could live up to this one.

  9. JBmiddleOFnoWHERE says:

    7:46 – hilarious

  10. Patrick3183 says:

    wow she was a movie censor. that’s a lost occupation lol

  11. vivlingdarling says:

    i just love Deborah Kerr and Lucy! thanks for posting!

  12. gymnastix says:

    Of course I realize “WML?” was a live series most of its run, and not originally shot on film as were those TV comedy series. But still, the impact and prestige involved with “‘WML?” is equivalent.

    I have also read that, in addition to the kinescopes transferred by GSN to videotape and then digital media, there were at least some, original videotapes of the last season shot in color.

    Does anyone know of this, and where one might obtain copies of such?

  13. gymnastix says:

    I forgot, but I actually read once exactly how many of the 876 eps. of the series survive on kinescope (which are now digitally preserved by GSN).. But it is pretty close to the full, 17-year run.

    Still, can you imagine if four or five episodes of “I Love Lucy” or “The Andy Griffith Show” were destroyed or missing?

  14. gymnastix says:

    By the way, what is “lost” about this episode of “What’s My Line?”

    The link from TV dotcom calls it “The Lost Episode,” and yet it obviously is available, not only from GSN airings, but also one of the four eps. on a public domain DVD from Alpha Video.

    One ep. of “WML?” that really is “lost” is a 12/24/1950, Christmas ep. with Santa Claus as Mystery Guest. GSN can’t air it, collectors can’t find it, and the kinescope of it is probably non-existent or was destroyed long ago.

  15. gymnastix says:

    Who knows, maybe a “WML? Hour,” with one ep. of the original & one of the syndicated, could be in GSN’s (and our) future, maybe even at a more respectable viewing time?

    If I knew how to hook up the DVR I received as a Christmas gift two years ago and could figure out how it works, I could transfer my collection of “WML?” (some 600 eps.) to DVDs; then if someone familiar with how to upload video on You tube could tell me how to do it, I could upload some of those eps. here for fans of the show.

  16. gymnastix says:

    Well, it’s not as if they haven’t given the show a chance. It’s been airing about two years now, and it was on the old Game Show Channel schedule for years before that, as well the syndicated version.

    I was getting closer (within about five years worth of episodes, which, at seven rps. per week, would take 10 mos.) to having a complete collection of available episodes recorded.

    But GSN has the rights to it, they know it’s popular, so it’ll be back after a rest.

  17. chriswing says:

    darn. i’m really gonna miss WML on GSN. Shame on them for dropping this great American original.

  18. TheCampanile says:

    I can’t believe I’ve missed this several times before! Haha~ Thank you for posting this! :D

  19. kcarter619 says:

    I know exactly how you feel, I can’t stop watching! I love this show and I’ve Got a Secret! I get so excited when they come on TV

  20. Megan6945 says:

    I know! These are well before my time too but this and “I’ve got a secret” have me hooked! TV was great back in the day

  21. WBensburg says:

    You’re stuck, my friend. I know.

  22. mshockey73 says:

    Someone stop me……I can’t stop watching these vids. This show was before my time but I think they’re fascinating.

  23. oosakinana says:

    I’d also like to know why GSN can’t air this.

  24. gandy74 says:

    Cont. from pt.1

    Do I see delighted humility in the reaction of what could be a beautiful advanced alien life form masquerading as human referred to here as “Deborah Kerr”?

    Botox and pseudo-sophisticated,self-conscious detachment in the faces of today’s “stars” prevent THAT kind of guileless,sincere response now.

    If this indeed IS an Earth broadcast it’s so damn far away by now it’s probably taken a billion years for it to reach us.

  25. gandy74 says:

    Is this broadcast from another galaxy or perhaps another dimension? Because it seems to bear not the slightest resemblance to the culture of Earth as it stands today.

    Is that English they’re speaking? It sounds vaguely similar but there are no “uhmms” or “you knows” or “likes” so I don’t really hear any antecedent that would explain the present day manner of expressing one’s self. cont…..

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