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What’s My Line? – Bozo the Clown

Bozo appears, with and without make-up, on “What’s My Line?”

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25 Responses to “What’s My Line? – Bozo the Clown”

  1. Marc2016 says:

    What a bozo.

  2. Revansmask17 says:

    I use to watch Bozo when I was a baby, it’s good to see Bozo acting silly afther all these years.


  3. HannahTheBrave says:

    @BurberryShades bozo still scares me. hate him. i like emmett kelly.

  4. elc1960 says:

    I grew up watching the Boston MA Bozo (Frank Avruch) and still have the autographed photo he gave me at a personal appearance at a Brockton MA department store in 1964 or 1965. (Yes, he was in makeup and signed it “Bozo”.)

  5. elc1960 says:

    @funkyinca Phyllis Newman was a NYC area TV personality in the ’60s and ’70s. She was a panelist on a lot of TV game shows during that time frame as well, such as “To Tell The Truth”, “Match Game” and others.

  6. 143AC says:

    Gordon Ramsey was the second and last NYC based performer to play”Bozo”..Bill Britten was the first entertainer to play the clown.

  7. Thrashzzz says:

    BOZO look like me in real life

  8. KennySherman says:

    how did she know it was him, the guy soupy sales disqualified himself must’ve told her, she sits next 2 him

  9. MrPhlux says:

    Bozo scared me, too, but nearly as much as Pennywise, from IT.

  10. TwistedLittleJoker says:


  11. ryartiste says:

    Bozo was hot!

  12. celshader says:


  13. ristancarl78 says:

    I love bozo i want to buy a bozo puppet

  14. Trojanbabe88 says:

    I remember watching Bozo in the 90s as a kid.

  15. geroguy0472 says:

    Bert Convy died from brain cancer nearly 20 years ago (1991). And perhaps everyone seems happier because (1) they’re on-camera n and have to be; and (2) there weren’t nearly as many 12-Step programs or rehab centers back then.

  16. 63utuber says:

    Somehow, the audience was “in on it” for his appearance without makeup.

  17. jmccracken1963 says:

    Bob Bell would NEVER have done the “out of costume” part of this show, though he MIGHT have done it “in costume” only.

  18. chopchopcrazy says:


  19. ballocoke says:

    who is that phyllis lady? she was hot !

  20. SeanElGatoTelevision says:

    @greekweasel: That would be Pinto Colvig (an ex-Disney animator and voice artist; he was the original voice of Goofy), who originally played Bozo on those Capitol children’s records [78s in those days] before Larry Harmon, who eventually bought the character from Capitol Records and franchised the character to many local TV stations.

    In the cities where there was no locally-made Bozo Show, the version from Boston was syndicated to those areas.

  21. Gomindyourownloser says:

    I loved BOZO the Clown I was very sad when I heard he was no longer on

  22. PaladinWin says:

    he looks like your mom on the streets with that much make-up :D

  23. auntbecky says:

    @Olschoolgrl That’s just because you were used to Bob. I’m sure the NY people would prefer Gordon. I myself prefer the Flint, MI Bozo.

  24. auntbecky says:

    Gee, that Bozo was a hottie!

  25. JohnnyCharger1968 says:

    I have always wondered what Mr. Ramsey looked like as he was the voice of ‘ Captain Avatar ‘ on Star Blazers. Now I know. Granted he wasn’t speaking with the ‘gruffness’ of Captain Avatar, but I could definitely tell it was him.

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