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What’s My Line? (Alfred Hitchcock)

Alfred Hitchcock’s appearance on “What’s My Line?”
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25 Responses to “What’s My Line? (Alfred Hitchcock)”

  1. levanyzzuf says:

    How could they NOT have figured it out the first instant he spoke?

  2. shabyyy says:

    “Are you a gentleman is that correct?”



  3. cocktail4luv1294 says:

    He’s so charming and witty! Probably one of my fav episodes of What’s my line?
    “What did you do about her?” sooooooo funny =))
    I just loveee him <3 His signature is so cool too!

  4. kittycathappy says:

    lol. i love this guy!

  5. tracytcb111111111111 says:

    great show hitch was a very clever man imagine what type of movies he could of made today with comptues in birds they used fishing line in some sence and that turned out to be a great movie love rear window to

  6. vagtirourirou says:

    “it is impossible” loooooool

  7. BoyNamedSue4 says:

    One of the all time greats.

  8. filmidioten says:

    @markknize Heh…

  9. markknize says:

    @filmidioten no not god stay on track now!!

  10. SaintsInHell24 says:

    @bestbboymusicchannel The late 60s is when it went downhill

  11. meryldepp says:

    Well naturally ! lol what a funny guy

  12. MARCBSTN says:

    Truly, one of the greats.

  13. STU676 says:

    what a handwriting

  14. Smithfilmproductions says:

    Hitch was freakin awesome.

  15. MrDeCorey says:

    This is a great show they had great shows in the 1950′s.

  16. dolleee says:

    hahahahahahah very funny

  17. mauijim662000 says:

    why do i love that old man so?

  18. bestbboymusicchannel says:

    There used to be times when people could make sentences more than 3 words like this days.Old America I love you and i dont know how u became shithole

  19. MFPhoto1 says:

    Just a note; Hitchcock did not appear in all his films. He did it in almost all starting with his third film “The Lodger.” He actually makes two cameos in that movie because of a shortage of extras. His fiance Alma Revelle also had a cameo in that movie.

  20. domiNATEshots12 says:

    i like the part where he said that one thing!

  21. calcorrfan says:

    He used to have a home near where I live.

  22. shoredude2 says:

    I much prefer when they have a mystery guest, when the panelists ask one question in turn going clockwise.

  23. alexalex3131 says:

    Rear Window: A great film then and today.

  24. Bleumange says:


  25. AvaRitaGrace says:

    He’s just great! I love the comments they made about Grace Kelly! He was truly a master and a very smart man.

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