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What’s My Line? (Alfred Hitchcock)

Alfred Hitchcock’s appearance on “What’s My Line?”

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25 Responses to “What’s My Line? (Alfred Hitchcock)”

  1. sexygayvampires says:

    @IwillKillYourCereal Luka Magnotta is the new Alfred Hitchcock.

  2. 12ze34 says:

    He looks like a mix of Churchill and Hitler.Go figur…

  3. Trekiefreak777 says:

    @JustJokingYou Meh, I think Steven Spielberg is better, but this guy is just a teeny bit behind Spielberg.

  4. AlexEmbers says:

    @IBPsychExperiment Mate you’re SUCH a bellend

  5. chowbok says:

    @IwillKillYourCereal Well, this was before “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” was on TV, and he never spoke in his cameo appearances in his films, so his voice wasn’t so well-known at the time.

  6. IwillKillYourCereal says:

    @Lee05211 Aww. That’s so cheap, but it’s understandable. I wonder why they didn’t do the same with Liberace.

  7. Lee05211 says:

    @IwillKillYourCereal I’m sure they did…they just went along to keep the show going.

  8. Bouchon211 says:

    What did you do about it? Awesome.

  9. tomkes100douchebag says:

    Someone please post Hitchcock’s appearance from the syndicated version.

  10. IwillKillYourCereal says:

    His voice is sooooooo recognizable. I’m shocked they didn’t get it right after he said “yesss” lol.

  11. Radioeater says:

    I wish I sounded as intelligent as the people in this show. What the hell happened in 50~ years?

  12. melkzee says:

    As defined by Bernstein, the object was to shake and humiliate the Germans. Shortly before his death he explained that Hitchcock’s contribution was to help shape the way the material was presented. Hitchcock’s concern was that “We should try to prevent people thinking that any of this was faked.” Hitchcock took another little secret to his grave. His film ‘Psycho’, with that other famous shower scene, was released on Jan. 27 1960 — exactly 15 years after the Russians liberated Auschwitz!

  13. melkzee says:

    In 1917, during WW1, a propaganda hoax “the corpse factory” was launched, about Germans turning human corpses into fats and soap. (google on it) The corpses “passed through a bath”. In 1945, the SHAEF made a propagandafilm with a very famous scene, that portrayed showers as “gas showers” in “death factory” Dachau. The film was made by Alfred Hitchcock under the guidance of mediatycoon Sydney Bernstein, head of the Psychological Warfare Division of the forces of democracy.

  14. illbelovingyoualways says:

    I loved the movie Rear Window – I thought it was wonderful

  15. kaischarmer says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen – I just finished the intro for my first suspense film “Genesis and Catastrophe”.
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  16. Kenmorfdublin says:

    His mother was Irish.

  17. koreanmermaid says:

    He’s Amazing!

  18. tdstdstdss says:

    he was so awesome.

  19. IBPsychExperiment says:

    @JustJokingYou *you’re

  20. JustJokingYou says:

    @IBPsychExperiment OK. “I realize you are ignorant and I accept it.” Why cant you just embrace the fact that I have a different view point than you? Just so you know, there are people on my end of the computer that agree with me that your just wasting your time trying to make me change my opinion. In the words of HAL 9000: “I’m sorry, Dave. This conversation can no longer hold any purpose. Good Bye.”

  21. IBPsychExperiment says:

    @JustJokingYou martin scorcese, you mean? not really sure why you mention him, as i sure didn’t. and what half-ass excuse is this? why not enlighten yourself by becoming familiar with truly talented directors? the gist of what you’re saying is “I realize I’m ignorant and accept it.”

  22. JustJokingYou says:

    @IBPsychExperiment OK. Everywhere around us, there is difference. One of the things that make us different is what we are exposed to. For instance, up until recently, I have not been exposed to directors such as Martin Scorcesse. Now, before I had even heard of him, I had to make my best director proposition on people I HAD known. Now, what I am saying is, of all the directors I have been exposed to, I would pick Hitch as the best. You may not agree because you have been exposed to some I havent

  23. IlanBoy2 says:

    Love whoever posted this…… it’s lovely to see the past stuck in amber

  24. Sage80 says:

    he’s hilarious

  25. romanvanpersie says:


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