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What’s Happening!! Minisodes – The Tickets

Mama provides Raj two tickets to a Stevie Wonder concert. But Raj + Rerun + Dwayne equals 3. A basic problem that keeps multiplying. Mama sees that no very good deed goes unpunished, but Raj’s lesson is more painful, hence the smile on Dee’s face. Watch hundreds of free full-length streaming movies and Tv shows on TWITTER Tags: watch totally free streaming television television video what’s happening minisode network Rerun Dwayne Roger Raj Dee Shirley mama television stevie wonder

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25 Responses to “What’s Happening!! Minisodes – The Tickets”

  1. MrTYTY1998 says:

    rogger is mr omar from every body hates chris

  2. ronconcolaXX says:

    Is it wrong that I get turned on when momma gets dominant with the belt @ 4:34

  3. Markieo says:

    Mama: Give me your belt.
    Roger: Ha ha ha, you’ve gotta be kidding!
    Dee: Let me help you, Rog.

  4. Johbrownn says:

    Does anyone know where to get the full free episodes? They use to have them on the website now they are no longer Avaliable.

  5. lookingatcrap says:

    @Mvp0131 yes he is

  6. cwilma1 says:

    I remember these episodes. I grew up watching them. The episodes they have out now make the kids grow up too fast. Sometimes I wish I could be a child again. These episodes remind me of growing up in my house. The parent’s of the 80′s were bad; you couldn’t mess with them; they would tear you up.

  7. cwilma1 says:

    I remember these episodes. I grew up watching them. The episodes they have out now make the kids grow up too fast.


    I wanted to slap Dee for doing that to Raj. She lucky I wasn’t even born yet. That’s crazy.

  9. hairspeaks says:

    who is Dee? has she played in anything recent? THANKS

  10. VictoryIsMine08 says:

    @Mvp0131 yes

  11. timsartsite says:

    that cop played luigi in the super mario brothers super show

  12. kingsnbabylon says:

    On a lot of these shows it’s always the black males getting labled as trouble while these females are portrayed as wise angelic tellers. F*ck that. Black women are the enemy today n God knows.

  13. ninaastarlight says:

    Oh ya, that was a gr8 idea Dean gave to Raj ,but Raj messed up when he tried to sell the tickets to an undercover police officer. he should have just gave the tickets back to his mom and said if my friends can’t go then he can’t go.

  14. BeLicious87 says:

    Hey Roger on this show is Mr. Omar on Everybody hates Chris!

  15. johnnie160 says:

    @MinisodeNetwork nice one mate

  16. MinisodeNetwork says:

    @johnnie160 There were some cuts in the middle of scenes, yeah, for time. That’s how we gots to do it if we’re going to go from 22 minutes to 5. :-)

  17. johnnie160 says:

    @MinisodeNetwork oh no mate. i’ve never seen this show before. was just wondering?

  18. MinisodeNetwork says:

    @johnnie160 You can compare the two on our buddy CrackleDotCom.

  19. johnnie160 says:

    the way it keeps cutting in the middle of a scene, did it do that in the origional show?

  20. metal220 says:

    he wasnt scalping he was just selling them lol

  21. MinisodeNetwork says:

    @OrangeSodiePop You’re welcome. :-)

  22. realitiecheck says:

    I like everyone on the show but my favorite was DeDe. I am from Jamaica and we do not raise our kids to be informants so hearing her was a trip.

  23. zion715 says:

    @gamewizard I know the cast should have at least visited her or been there on her last day or something. It is sad the way she died no one should die alone.

  24. yummieyummie123 says:

    Dwayne had a nice body… :)

  25. Getrealpeeps says:

    Dee Was such a little PAIN IN THE @SS

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