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what’s for television tonight

what’s for television tonight

Image by e_pics

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  1. Alienated Romantic says:

    Street TV. So good-looking original size, the controls have such a nice sheen to them. Best I saw on flickr today.

  2. muddylipschultz says:

    Nice one…great tones and subject

  3. motelrodeo says:

    how did i miss this one?!!? what a beauty. i especially love the outstretched cord and plug. there’s real longing in that!

  4. e_pics says:

    alienated romantic, muddylipschultz, and motelrodeo(Joseph) –( i love these screen names!) Thank you so much for your comments. I wasn’t so sure on this one, but that just shows what I know.
    It was raining like hell when I took this, and in the past I would’ve said, "I’ll come back" but I’ve missed too many that way. A couple of years ago I made an effort to take a "now is the time" attitude and I have been rewarded with a few shots that I probably wouldn’t have gotten if I waited. Plus, I have been opening myself to working with a different light and a different atmosphere. Always something to learn.

  5. laran_7 says:

    there is nothing. the picture is great. I like the bokeh effect.
    television..on the road…television everywhere!!

  6. T&T and Mr B says:

    Wonderful catch Eric!
    Not so environmentally friendly of course.

  7. whirrdz says:

    Yep, NOW is the time is the best policy. Goodonya.

  8. Mike Z says:

    So tactile. Nice glow, texture, dark and light.

  9. B.S. Wise says:

    Hi, I’m an admin for a group called . TV . room ., and we’d love to have this added to the group!

  10. sandra lee russell says:

    love this pic!

  11. e_pics says:

    Thank you!

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